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10 baby shower gifts to give a new mom

Baby shower gifts new moms

Baby showers are simply wonderful. This is when you can truly express to a mom-to-be about how excited you are to welcome the new baby to the world. It is a time to celebrate and of course, to shower mommy to be with gifts.

Here are 10 baby shower gift ideas that ensure that you will not go wrong:

  • Post pregnancy kit: Prepare mama for a speedy recovery post pregnancy. From tummy creams to soothing teas, you can make a hamper with several goodies. Best still, you can purchase a “New Mama New Life” Gift Box from Mama and Peaches.


  • Receiving blankets: Warm and snuggle receiving blankets in different colors are just what she will need when the baby finally arrives. How about a Sommer Home Origami 100% Organic Swaddle from the Mama and Peaches gift store?


  • Baby costumes: These are great for the baby’s first ever photoshoot. From superhero themed onesies to crochet bumblebee costumes, you can put together a set suitable for both boys and girls. After all, babies look cute in just about anything.


  • Body Pillows: In the last leg of pregnancy, getting some sleep is the hardest thing for a mom to be. A full body pillow gives her the support that she needs for her thighs, back and belly, allowing her to get a good night’s sleep.  


  • Parenting books: You can get a set of some of the best self-help books including Dr.Spock’s Baby and Childcare or books that will help her go back to work after having a baby. These books are extremely interesting for her to read as they cover all the questions that she may have after having her baby.


  • Baby journals: Be it baby journals or a record of baby’s milestones, anything that can document her baby’s development is a great idea for a mom to be. These baby journals give you the option to even put in pictures of important events from the time the baby comes into the world. It is a great souvenir for the future when she just wants to relive those precious moments.


  • A maternity photoshoot : You can arrange for a special themed photoshoot for mom, dad and the baby to be. These maternity photoshoots can include everything from studio bookings to hair and makeup. That way, this beautiful phase is captured perfectly.


  • Bath and Beauty hampers: A beauty hamper containing bath salts, hydrating moisturizers, soothing body butters and more are just what she needs to relax and rejuvenate.


  • Prenatal and Postnatal exercise classes: Give her the gift of good health with exclusive membership to prenatal and postnatal exercise classes. This can include relaxing water exercises or yoga classes that prepare her body before and after delivery.   


  • Baby changing station: A portable changing station is the ideal gift for a mama on the go. These changing stations are foldable and are complete with a changing mat that will help her make quick diaper changes whenever she is out with her baby.

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