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Showing 1–28 of 286 results

Mama and Peaches Toys 4 years Above

From DIY toys to educational card games, these toys will help in child development at 4-5 years

By the time your child is 4 years old, he/she will likely be playing and enjoying with other children more often- this is why many of the perfect toys for 4-year-old boys include puzzle and board games. Such toys enable kids to enhance their social skills and educational skills, while discover their interests at the same point. No matter what your child’s interest is, Mama and Peaches have brought a commendable collection of toys for children of 4 to 6 years. 

Latest Toy Collection at Mama and Peaches for Child Development at 4-5 years

Kindergartens and preschoolers have longer attention periods than toddlers. Usually, they are talkative and ask many questions about a specific thing. They love to experiment with things with their still-developing physical skills. They like playing with friends- and always want to win! The game involves turns if it’s a multi player game; thus, it’s obvious for preschoolers and kindergartens to share toys with friends.

We, at Mama and Peaches, will guide you today how to choose toys for 4 years above . Keep on reading the below pointers to understand the best toys for child development at 4-5 years

  • Toys for problem solving

Puzzles having more than 10 pieces, blocks that join together, object collectionsl, and other small items to identify length, breadth, height, colour, quantity, shape, and additional features are the best 4 years old toys. In our collection, we have many puzzles, building blocks, card games that will help in development of your child from early years.

  • Prentending toys

At this age, children love to play prentending games. These games are the ones in which they prentend to be a particular personality like doctor, homemaker, teacher, and more. Such games develops creativity and imagination in little

ones. Thus, we have included these toys too in our collection. You can get a cooking set, reusable chalkboards, and DIY play sets, etc. 

  • Educational toys

Educational toys are the best toys for children 4-6 years as they not only help them enjoy their time but also assit them learn new things in life. Such toys are just appropriate to introduce them to the academic world. On exploring our toy collection, you will find a number of educational games such as Geography Trump Cards, Early Learning Charts, Painting & coloring sets, etc.

  • Creative toys

If your 4-years old boy or girl is more inclined towards creative things then we suggest you to get them DIY toys. You will not just be getting the right toy for them but also they will get to learn a lot from such toys. DIY or Do-it-Yourself Toys are the ones in which kids create something creative out of the available objects in the playset. Apart from developing patience, they encourages problem solving and free thinking skills in children.

These exciting & fun toys are available at Mama and Peaches at affordable prices. We believe every child deserves enjoyment and learning in life, therefore we have handpicked some of the best play objects in our collection that will not cost you a huge amount. So wait no more and explore the collection before your desired toys get out of stock!