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5 Foods to avoid giving babies under 1 year

Have you ever noticed why small babies always want to eat the food items that their parents must be having!! It is the aroma and the zeal to try something new which makes them feel like this… it is in fact very good to introduce certain food items to your babies even before he/she turns one. But be cautious about the side effects of some of the flavours which might have adverse effects on your child’s health. So, here in this blog we will discuss the 5 food items which must be avoided giving to the babies under 1 year…

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  • Cow’s Milk : Breast milk is considered as the best source of nutrition for small babies especially who have not yet turned one. Hence, giving cow’s milk should be avoided as it contains higher lactose content which might not suit your little one’s tummy.

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  • Honey : Any form of honey for the infants is not good to be fed as it produces clostridium botulinum which can further produce botulinum spores which can result in muscle weakness, poor sucking, constipation and many more. 
  • Egg Whites : Though eggs are rich in proteins, they should be avoided while giving to babies under one. The proteins in egg whites may be the reason for allergic reactions. As the child grows, he/she develops the immunity against these kinds of allergies and hence can be given later on.

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  • Seafood/Shellfish : Seafood is another probable allergen especially the Shellfish. Hence, Shellfishes are a big NO. Take our suggestion of talking to the pediatrician of your child before feeding your child any boneless fish even if it is Tuna. 
  • Foods with Large Chunks : Giving your child pea-sized food is the safest as small kids can’t chew and hence end up swallowing everything. This usually results in choking in the kids. So, you need to make sure that whatever you are giving to your child is diced properly, cooked fully and is soft to eat. 

So, these are some of the food products which must be avoided as long as your child turns one in order to keep your child away from any kind of allergy and  irritation in its tummy…