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Showing 1–28 of 44 results

Who says accessorizing is only for the grown ups? When you see our collection of baby clothing accessories, you will want it all for your little diva. Mama and Peaches has gone above and beyond to bring you unique accessories that will push your baby’s outfit up one notch. Not just that, they also make the perfect gift for a 3-month-old baby girl India

Our pastel suede bow clip, for instance, instantly jazzes up any outfit that you choose for your baby. And, might we add, the cuteness overload when you use these accessories is quite hard for anyone to handle. 

If you have run out of all ideas, you may want to try to add our baby accessory collection to your list of gifts for a 3-month-old baby girl. We are sure that this is a move that you will not regret

Mama and peaches Baby clothing accessories      

Do you know what is that one thing which gets popped up in the parents or would be parents’ mind, it is the Newborn Baby Clothing. There are so many trappings that your tiny one needs, say just after the birth or few days later to the birthdate. With the increase in awareness for hygiene, your little one needs as many clothings as you can think of.

Availability of accessories

When Mama and Peaches is with you to take care of your cutie pie’s needs, you don’t need to put that extra pressure on your mind. Right from the heads to the hands to the legs, you just imagine and the accessory will be at your doorstep. We can even say that there is no limit to Baby clothing accessories

Appearance of Garms

Baby Clothes & Accessories have started coming up in so many designs, colors and fabrics for girls as well as boys that it fascinates the parents to choose among from the many. We give extreme importance to the fabrics and hence cotton is the basic material which is used in the manufacturing of the designer clothings also as cotton is adapted by every skin type.

At Mama and Peaches you will find all the Designer Baby Clothes & Accessories Online.  They are obtainable in all the sweet and vibrant colors as bright colors enthral little ones. The designs are also created in such ways that they lure the attention. 

Top Protection

As a head gear, the all new Top Knot Cap dazzles the heart with lively colors and sparkling color combinations. The most engrossing part of this exceptional top wear is that you can adjust the cap according to the size of your little one’s head. Isn’t it captivating!! With various bright colors like blue, green, yellow and coral, this cap is made convenient in many designs also like in Owl, Stripe, Fox, Natural, Reef and many more depictions. Scoops and Smile Sun Hat is equally lucrative to keep in your cute little angel’s wardrobe.

Scratch guards

Small babies have the tendency to touch all parts of their body especially the face which is easily accessible. While doing so they even harm their highly sensitive skin with their nails which irritates them for days. But we have a solution for this too. Why don’t you try our very latest organic cotton mittens. They are unique and at the same time very soft as well. The fabric is organic and cotton based so even if your naughty one takes the same in mouth, it is not going to infect him/her. 

Organic cotton mittens are available in a pack of 2 also. You can customize that as per your selection of colors and designs. 

Covering the feet

Even if you don’t take your mini one much outside, it is very important to shield their little feet. In this range, Mama and Peaches is willing to provide you a variety of booties which will be as enticing as the other accessories. Organic Cotton Booties are very easily approachable in various colors and designs same as the mittens like in the owl prints, fox prints, solid colors and the list goes on.


Apart from the clothing, we have diversified ourselves in many other accessories which are of equal importance as that of the outfits. The Organic Cotton Washcloths are very soft to be wrapped around your miniature. And yaa how can we forget to mention that these too have arrived in various shades and depictions so that you can mix and match it as per the other clothing attire.

So, mama and papa come on and fill your cart with various options of Newborn Baby Clothing from Mama and Peaches, the best online store, which  takes care of your buttercup like its own one…