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Baby poop colour guide for new parents

By October 28, 2018Blog
baby poop colour guide

As much as you may hate to change those diapers, keeping an eye on your baby’s poop is very important. It is one of the best indicators of your baby’s health. The color, the texture and the consistency of your baby’s poop will tell you when you may have to plan your next visit to the pediatrician.

If that sounds too gross, here is a complete color guide to your baby’s poop to tell you what each color means.

  • Greenish black poop: Your baby’s first poop is probably of this color. This is because the baby is given the colostrum of first milk which has the same effect as a laxative. This helps the baby pass out the stool which is tarry and sticky.


  • Greenish brown poop: A few days after being born, the color of the poop will change. This indicates that the baby has started digesting the food that you are providing, be it formula or breast milk.


  • Mustard yellow poop: This is generally the color of the poop of babies who are exclusively given breast milk. This color of the poop is the result of calcium and partly digested fats which also gives the poop a seed-like texture.


  • Yellow brown poop: If the baby is given formula, the poop is usually yellow brown in color and pasty. In this case, too, the poop will have a seed texture.


  • Black poop: If the poop of your baby is black, it is an indication of bleeding or is the result of any blood passing on from cracked nipples. Make sure your nipples are treated and if the problem still persists, see your doctor immediately.


  • White poop: The color of the poop is the result of bile juices that are produced. If the poop is white and chalky, it is an indication that the baby is not producing enough bile. If this has occurred just once, it is not really a big cause for concern. However, if it occurs repeatedly, you need to see the doctor.


  • Red poop: Red poop is caused by certain foods like beets. It is also an indication of bleeding. If your child is allergic to any food that he or she is consuming, poop could be red. Even in case of extreme constipation, the baby may have red poop due to anal tears from the hard and pellet-like poop.


  • Green poop: This is an indication that the stool is being passed through system very fast. It is not really any cause for concern.


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