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Showing 1–28 of 48 results

Getting your little one ready for his or her first day at playschool. We are sure that your little ones will fall in love with the cool backpacks and lunch bags in the Mama and Peaches collection. These colorful bags come with fancy prints that every kid loves to show off. They also make great baby gifts in case you are looking for a simple and practical option. Our collection includes insulation lunch bags to keep the little one’s food warmer for longer. We have cute backpacks that are just the right size. And, what’s more, whether you decide to spend a day at the beach or set out on a big outdoor adventure, our wet and dry bag is just what you need. These are baby gifts that even mommies and daddies will love. They help you keep all your little one’s things organized and are very easy to clean and maintain. And, did we mention how incredibly cute they are

Mama and Peaches Baby Backpack Carrier

Why to hold your baby onto the arms and feel tired during your amazing trip when you can buy our Baby Carrier Packs and take the little one with you. Our Baby Carrier Packs are safe and secure and make carrying a baby nearly as effortless as possible.

Wherever you go on an adventurous trip with your baby, it’s essential to enjoy the whole journey.

Backpack Baby Carriers help you to keep your baby safe and also won’t trouble your enjoyment at all.

  At Mama and Peaches, you will get the best Backpack Baby Carriers that will help you to make your outings more enjoyable. Some of the Baby Career Packs include several sections to keep some general stuff for your babies or yourself.

A Secure and Calm Baby

The fact is that babies are more relaxed and more settled. Baby Carrier Packs allow you to take a baby easily for prolonged periods without the strain and in a very comfortable manner.  

Less crying and better sleep

Babies tend to cry more when they feel uncomfortable, or they are facing some trouble. Nappy Backpacks for Kids have proved to be the most comfortable zone for their uninterrupted sleep.When you keep your Baby in the carriers, then they feel comfortable; hence they will not cry, they will sleep better and also will enjoy being in the carrier. This is the best thing for the notorious kids, as they require constant attention.

Keeps your hands free

Sometimes it’s difficult to manage your household work or the office work along with the Baby.Baby Carrier Packs provide a happy solution for all: your hands are free to do any household chores and the office work too.

When you go somewhere out, then sometimes it’s difficult to carry your little heart. A baby carrier helps you to keep your hands free, and you can move easily. Baby carriers are easy to use and can be used on any surfaces, such as stairs, uneven floors and so on.

You can Buy Baby Carrier online from Mama and Peaches, one of the best stores for you just in one click.

If you are carrying a baby, you need to carry his/her stuff along with you during the outing. You need to take a bag that is easy to carry and can keep the number of baby stuff in it; Baby Backpack is a fantastic item, especially for parents. You will find several varieties in our Mama and Baby’s online store.


Baby Backpacks are generally very spacious. They contain lots of sections to help accommodate your baby stuff.

These bags come up with different sections to organize all of your stuff, and you can quickly get any of the items from the bag. Another advantage of these bags is that these bags are spacious enough to keep your personal items such as mobiles, tablets, keys, and many more. So, now you don’t even need to take any other bag with yourself.

Can be used by both Mommies and Daddies

One of the most important advantages of Baby Backpacks is these Backpacks can be carried by both mommies and daddies.These bags have a decent structure; hence it can be carried by both. Therefore, it does not burden a single parent whenever you go out with your baby for the funtime.

So , Mommies and daddies, no need to worry now. Enjoy your holiday with your baby with some fantastic collections of Baby Backpacks and Career Bags.