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Best Congratulation gifts for Pregnancy

Congratulation gifts for pregnancy

When someone announces that they are expecting a baby, it is not enough to just congratulate them. You need to find a gift that can is actually all the excitement and the emotions that you feel, in a gift wrap.

Make this time even more special for the ones that you love with one of the following gifts that they will simply adore:

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    • Fun Pregnancy couple T-shirts- You can get special T-shirts printed with messages like “This guy is going to be a dad” or “this girl is going to be a mom” or anything that describes this journey in a fun way.
    • Baby pacifier thermometer: Getting the baby’s temperature is an uphill task. And, the new parents may have to do it several times after the baby arrives. This pacifier thermometer is one of the easiest options to make sure that the baby’s temperature can be monitored without any hassles.
    • Receiving blanket set: A comfortable set of flannel receiving blankets is a great gift that can be used for a long time. This will help keep the little one snug as a bug all the time. And, remember, new parents can never have enough blankets after the baby arrives.
    • Kiddie quote books: Once the baby starts talking, he or she will say some of the most hilarious things. You can buy a special journal for baby quotes like  “My quotable baby” that come in very cute designs and also have some slots for pictures of the baby during these precious moments.
    • Baby development books: Books like “ Baby Owner’s Manual” or Dr.Benjamin Spocks, “Baby and Childcare” are great gifts for the new parents to be. These books can solve several dilemmas and issues that they may have in the beginning or along the way. This is a great gift idea, especially for first time parents.
    • Baby white noise machine: Make the task of putting the baby to sleep a tad bit easier with these baby white noise machines. You can also find special spa sound projectors that not only make soothing sounds but also project images on the ceiling, giving the baby something to watch while he or she falls asleep.


  • Couple’s spa day: This is certainly a stressful time in a couple’s life. They may also not be able to spend as much quality time with one another as they used to before. A day at the spa for the parents to be is the perfect idea to help the relax, bond with one another and really savor the moments that they have with each other while they get a nice massage, manicure or pedicure.


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