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Best Gift for Pregnant friend India Online

Gifts for a pregnant friend India Online

Your friend is expecting a baby and you couldn’t be happier for her. All you want to do is find the perfect gift that will tell her how special this moment is for you. You need a gift that she can cherish while she enjoys this beautiful phase in her life.

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Here are some ideas that we are sure she will love:

    • A body pillow: Pregnancy is not easy. The body seems sore with aches and pains all the time and it is almost impossible to get a good night’s sleep. Get your friend a comfortable body pillow that supports her tummy, legs and back perfectly to help her relax and get some rest when she really needs it.
    • A set of maternity pajamas: You just want to make sure that your friend is comfortable throughout her pregnancy. She will probably be spending a lot of time at home and will need something stylish, yet comfortable to wear. What better choice than a set of maternity pajamas to save the day?
    • Baby backpack: The days of uncomfortable diaper bags are long gone. You can now choose from a variety of baby backpacks that have enough compartments to hold everything that the baby needs. These bags are extremely comfortable to carry around as well and will have mama’s hands free at all times to cuddle and play with her little one.
    • Baby food recipe books: There are several baby food recipe books that are packed with simple and tasty recipes for each stage of the baby’s development. If your friend has a fussy eater and is running out of options to keep her little one interested in food, she will surely thank you a million for this gift.
    • Compression socks set: These socks are ideal to soothe swollen and aching legs. They keep the feet and legs warm and also hold the muscles in almost as if she is getting a massage each time she wears these socks.
    • Baby letter book: These baby letter books come with 12 prompts so mama can write one letter to the baby each month from the time that he or she is born. That way, when the little one grows up, he or she will have a personal  time capsule in paper to go back to the baby days.
    • Pregnancy pampering kit: You can either put one together or buy readily available pregnancy pampering kits. These kits come with organic products that include belly oil, belly butter to reduce stretch marks, toning oil, lip balms, bath salts, moisturizers and a lot more. Each product ensures that mama feels extremely relaxed and pampered. It is just like bringing the spa home to her.


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