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Best Gifts For 4 Month Old Girl India Online

Gifts for 4 month old girls

At the age of 4 months, your little girl is no longer an infant. She has already achieved many developmental milestones and is going to grow faster than you can imagine from now on. So, when you are choosing a gift for her, you need to make sure that it is able to add value to these developing years and is also fun for the baby to use.

Here are some ideas for you to buy the perfect gift for your little one:


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  • Activity toys: These toy sets comes with several balls and blocks that are colored and textured to help your baby develop fine and gross motor skills.  Your baby can throw them around, stack them up or even chew on them to stay entertained for several hours.


  • Reusable baby swim diaper: Made from cloth, these swim diapers are perfect for parents who wish to introduce their babies to swimming as early as possible. They are extremely for the baby to wear when in a kiddie pool or a bathtub. The best part is that they are completely reusable.


  • Stroller activity center: These fun activity centers hang just over the stroller. They are packed with rattles, plush toys, squeeze toys, musical toys and even lights that are extremely fun for the little ones to look at while you take them for a stroll in the park. This activity center fulfills the baby’s urge to grab on to things and even pull at them, making it extremely fun.


  • Cloth books: If you want to introduce your little one to books, the best way to do this is with a cloth book. It is free from any danger of paper cuts and injuries. These cloth books come with colorful patterns, letters and images that your little girl will love to look at. The big cloth pages that she can flip over also help develop fine motor skills over time.


  • Crawl mats: Leave your baby girl on a game crawl mat and she will be occupied for hours. These mats come with bright colors, bold patterns and even have some elements of texture that your baby will love to explore. They are soft and warm, making them perfect for her to snuggle up in as well.


  • Teether and rattle: You can choose from several types of teether and rattle sets. They are also combined into one toy to make a great sensory toy. The rattles are placed in sturdy beads and blocks and the colorful teethers go around these blocks. They are fun for the baby to pick up, shake around and even chew on.  


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