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Best Gifts for 7 month old boy India Online

When your baby is about 7 months old, it almost seems like he has no interest in “baby” things like rattles or even plush toys. He is a lot more inquisitive and wants to explore the world around him. He is now crawling, reaching out for things and is even able to sit up on his own. So, when you buy a gift, you need to make sure that they help him explore these new skills that he has acquired. Here are some ideas that you just cannot go wrong with:

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  • Shape sorting cubes: These cubes are great to help your baby understand different shapes and sizes. They are also great with cognitive skills and gross motor skills. These wooden blocks are like jigsaw puzzles with large shapes that come out from each side. Pull them out and let your little one put them back in the right slot.


  • Push-toys: By this age, babies are quite mobile. They love to crawl around. So toys that can be pushed are truly enjoyed by them. A big push car, a drag along truck or even animal shaped toys with wheels are perfect for him to pull or push along with him wherever he goes.  


  • Wooden alphabet abacus: A wooden abacus has a large frame with blocks placed in rows for your baby to twirl and play with. The bonus is that a large abacus also is a great aid for him to support himself when he stands up. The colorful rotating cubes with alphabets and numbers are a great learning tool for your little one.  
  • Wooden blocks: This is a classic gift that you cannot go wrong with. You can play with your baby using these blocks for hours. Just stack them up and watch him giggle each time he knocks them down with one shove or push. Every time your little one reaches out and holds these cubes, he is slowly developing his gross motor skills and grip as well.


  • Baby hand drum: Any toy that makes noise is a hit. Babies love to tap on things and make some noise with them. Instead of a boring old table top, try a hand drum that he can play with. You can also get innovative with your choice of musical toy with baby maracas, tambourines or keyboards.  


  • Shape mazes: These mazes come with several loops and movable shapes attached to them. Your baby has to get each shape from one end to the other. It takes a lot of concentration and will keep your little one occupied for hours.


  • Animal sets: Babies and animals are like two peas in a pod. You can pick up animal sets to introduce him to different kinds of animals- farm animals, wild animals, birds and a lot more.  

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