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Best Gifts for Baby Boys

Gifts for baby boy

Congratulations! It is a boy! So how do celebrate the birth of a bouncy baby boy with your loved ones. By showering them with gifts for the baby, of course. Mama and Peaches has put together the ultimate list of special gifts for a baby boy.

  • Sporty Booties: Dress the little man in style with a pair of soft, high quality sports booties. Look for shoes that come with a non-slip construction to make sure that the little one does not accidentally lose them. These lace up, mini-sneakers come in fun colors and designs.


  • Interactive walkers: In no time, the little one will be getting ready to walk and run around. Make sure that he is safe with a comfortable baby walker. The best kind is the one that comes with interactive spinners, light up buttons, sound buttons and roller balls. These walkers not only help the little one get around but also help him develop more fine and gross motor skills.


  • Sleep sacks and wearable blankets: help the new mommy and daddy keep baby warm at nights without too many blankets in the crib. These blankets are plush and soft and can simply be buttoned up or zipped up to ensure that the little one is snug and comfortable all night long. The best part is that they come with a separate zipper at the bottom to allow easy diaper changes.


  • Activity cubes: This is a great toy for the little one to develop fine motor skills. The cube comes with movable beads, shape sorters, spinning mazes and a lot more. This keeps the baby boy’s hands busy and mind engaged. You can find a set of different cubes to make play time more interesting for the little one.


  • Bandana bibs: This is a trendy and essential item that you can include in your baby gift list. They catch any mess when feeding the baby and can be worn all the time just because they are so stylish. They are designed to absorb moisture fast and come with an adjustable snap button that is perfect for as the baby grows.


  • Mama and Peaches makes gifting easier with a special subscription box that we put together each month. These boxes come with the best products for mom and baby. The boxes also contain activity books like Pink and Blue by Ritu Vaishnav in the September edition are great for moms and dads to interact with their little ones. Subscribe to your box now!

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