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If you thought that buying gifts for one baby was hard, wait until someone in your close circle delivers twins. You need two of everything or something that can be used for both the babies together.

If you are just not able to figure out what you should buy for twin babies, here are some ideas that you are going to love:


  • Twin sized baby sling: Make it easier for mom and dad to carry the babies around. You can find specially designed twin baby slings and carriers. They are extremely comfortable to wear and will fit right around your torso, also leaving the hands free for the parents to tend to other needs of the baby.




  • Nursing pillow for twins: Feeding twins is certainly not easy. Taking them by turns to feed will leave them irritated and cranky. So help mom feed the two babies at once with a comfortable nursing pillow for twins that fits comfortably on either side of the body. The babies can rest on the nursing pillow easily and mom is able to feed them both together.




  • Twin strollers: If the parents to be haven’t already got their own twin strollers, this is a wonderful gift to give them. It is definitely one of the top items in their list of things they need for the little ones. These strollers either have two levels or have two separate compartments attached in the middle. Depending upon the ones that you prefer, you can choose even a folding option or a convertible option that can even double as a twin car seat while travelling.




  • Funny baby onesies: You no longer want to have matching clothes for the babies. Instead witty t-shirts and onesies are the way to go. For instance one could read “Ctrl+C” while the other one reads “Ctrl+V” or the words “Tweedledee” and Tweedledum” can be written across these onesies. If you want something wittier, you can even have them personalized depending on the ideas that you have.




  • Soothing mats: The biggest nightmare for most new parents of twins is that when one begins to cry the other one eventually follows. This can go on for hours where you calm one baby and the other one goes off on a roll. What if you could give them something that would help pacify the babies for some time. Special twin soothing mats are the perfect option. These mats vibrate gently and keep the babies relaxed so that they can drift off to sleep in no time.




  • Twin feeding trays: These handy trays are perfect for when solid foods will be introduced to the twins. These twin feeding trays have separate slots for each child with a comfortable grip right in the center for mom or dad to hold the tray easily. This makes it simpler to feed the two children at one time while ensuring that the portions you feed them are equal. Couple this with a The Little West St. Wash Cloth Set from the Mama and Peach Gift store for the perfect set.



  • Shopping cart hammocks: These hammocks fit easily onto shopping racks and keep the babies calm when mom and dad are shopping. They can also just dose off as the cart moves along. Everyone knows how hard it can be to shop with twins. So, this is the perfect solution.


If you are looking for something that is simple, yet meaningful and useful, you may also choose A Bundle for the Bundle of Joy package from the special Gifting section at Mama and Peaches. These packages come with all the essentials for your little ones.  


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