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Showing 1–28 of 114 results

                                   MAMA And PEACHES BABY BIBS

Do you know what is the one thing that is used by your babies the most? The only thing which gets popped up in your mind is the Newborn Baby Bibs.

Along with Newborn blankets, Newborn boots, Newborn bathing, Newborn Baby Bibs are the other big B’s that every mum needs for her cuties. You can say Baby Bibs are a must have when it comes to protecting your baby’s clothes from food stains. And this is the only thing that helps your champs to enjoy their meal at their fullest.

But a very common question that is raised by almost all the parents, especially the mums is that which kind of Bib should be purchased for their small wonders and which one is suitable for them. But if  Mama and Peaches is with you to solve your queries then you don’t need to put  extra pressure on your mind. In our Baby’s store, you will find plenty of Baby bibs in adorable patterns, fun sayings, and vibrant colors and varieties.

Along with design, colors, and varieties Baby Bibs Designer gives extreme importance to the material so that Baby should not get harmed by rashes or other skin infections, and hence they use organic cotton as  basic material.

Types of Baby Bibs 

1.Bandana Bibs

Bandana bibs are really good for your little hearts to wear during their mealtime. It is great for babies who are teething and drooling. These bibs do not generally look like bibs but a piece of handkerchief tied around the neck and hence a baby cannot take it off. 

2.Scoop Bibs

Scoop bibs are another type of baby bibs which are specifically made for mealtime use. This bib will help you a lot while feeding. These bibs are normally made from plastic. This helps to catch the food which dribbles down. These bibs are easy to use and it is also okay if the baby starts to play with the food because they love the designs.

3.Organic Bibs 

These kinds of Bibs are made up of pure organic cotton fabric that prevents your baby from rashes and irritation. 

Varieties of Baby Bibs 

At Mama and Peaches, you will find plenty of Baby Bibs that will give your little ones a healthy lifestyle. These products for Baby Food Storage are available in different categories, designs colors, sizes, and so on. Categories include washcloth set, a combo pack of burp cloth and bib set, and Kaarpas  Organic Cotton Muslin Baby Bibs. Some of the designs include cute depictions of Baby Elephants, Apples, and designs of other animals as well, that give your tiny tods an enjoyable meal.

Colors of Baby Bibs 

Other than the attractive and unique designs of the Baby Bibs, Mama and Peaches have also focused on the color of the Baby Bibs. Here you will find only baby-friendly colors such as Aqua Lilac, Blue, Blush Pink, Cloud White, Coral Pink, Raspberry and so on which will help your baby to enjoy his/her meal with fun.

Baby Food Products

As Mama and Peaches take care of every need of you and your small wonders then how can we forget about Baby Food and Hygiene. In today’s time, Health and Hygiene have become the most essential aspect when we talk about small kiddos. You will definitely not want the food to make your little one sick which is supposed to make your child healthy and strong.

To keep your baby healthy and hygienic, Healthy food is very important. So to keep your baby healthy we have introduced the Baby Food Storage Product such as bottles, sippies, and containers that keep their food fresh, and in this way your baby will be healthy and happy. Also there are different types of Baby Food Storage Bags which are available as they are made up of Stainless Steel, biodegradable bamboos, and insulated material that keep baby’s food fresh for a long period.

Along with Baby Bibs and Baby food products, we have also introduced Baby Accessories and the designs of those accessories are created in such a way that they lure the attention. And they are available online at a very affordable price.

So visit the online store of  Mama and Peaches to buy baby bibs online for your cuties and fill your cart with some amazing baby products at the best prices.