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Showing 1–28 of 110 results

          Mama and Peaches Baby Dohars and Baby Swaddles 

The safest place for a child will always be his mother’s womb. But, after coming to this world he misses that feel. No worries!  Here we are having super special sloppy  Baby Dohars for your beloved child. It feels very gentle which makes your child happy and active.

Having the concern that a child should get a comfortable surroundings Mama and Peaches  have designed a wonderful and adorable product for your child. This product is being designed by keeping in mind the needs of the child on the top most priority. As we know sleep is the best therapy. And for the toddlers it plays a significant role throughout their growth, so here is our therapist for you: Buy Baby Swaddles Online India for your shining stars.

As your child’s care is also our responsibility 

Dear Mommies and Daddies, we know that your child is as soft as cotton. In the belly of mother they feel like heaven and to make them feel the same in this outer world, we have Baby Swaddles Dohars Online for your cutie pies. In it, they can feel the warmth as they have felt in their mother’s womb. Because their needs are the utmost priority of yours and us to fulfil. 

Dohars and Swaddles play an important role in their blissful sleep. Because sleep is the major character of their life as they are little ones. They spend most of the time sleeping in their cozy surroundings. And their sleep should be well and sorted as they were blissful in their mommies belly. Baby Dohars and Baby Swaddles will give them proper protection and geniality. So it becomes very important for parents to select the best and the most appropriate stuff for their toddlers.

The World is full of expertise- but the parent’s priority will always be their children  

  Today’s generation is having a very good expertise in everything and at every level. But in every phase of life, the priority for each parent is their child. Isn’t it? So with having the concern to come up to your expectations we have designed something unique and loving for you tiny tots. So as to give them proper stuff is also an important concern of a mother as well as a father and now for us also. So for that, we are having special Baby Swaddles Dohars Online. You can visit on our page and can find different variations for the particular product. So here you can Buy Baby Swaddles Online India.

Grab your Collection and Choose the Best one…

Dohars Online and kids Swaddles can be purchased with lots of variety from the very reliable online store which is Mama and Peaches. Colors are the most attractive feature which children like the most. And parents are also having their choices for their babies. And to meet their expectations here we are having distinct shades you can have in your wardrobe for your little heart. As you visit the page you can see multiple colors, like red, green, blue, pink, white and so on which will definitely fascinate you. 

Increasing concerns for the Fabric

The fabric of the product is pure cotton. And the material of the fabric is also very soft and delicate. This fabric is selected in such a way that it should give the best comfort to your child. Because the delicate skin of your baby should also get some pampering stuff. Usually kids suffer with rashes and spots because of the wrong chosen fabric. So for giving them the long-lasting and loving protection we have selected the best fabric for your kids. 

Importance of Designs

Designing is being done for the quilts, Baby Dohars and Baby Swaddles in such a way that it should be a child-lovable attractive design. The designing in the product is very cool and attractive. As we know that the parents always desire for the world which is magical for their sweethearts, we have tried to gather the cutest designs for your babies. 

So, we hope that now you will not be worried for a sound sleep of your Kids and their Swaddles as well as Dohars as you have entered the right place for the brightest selections.