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Retail Rocker Board


A dutch-designed toy, rocker boards were used by Waldorf teachers not only for their developmental…

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Montessori Tray / Activity Tray/Sensory Tray


Trays make toys, activities and craft accessible for tiny hands and big imaginations. Our…

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Twisty Cubes


Twisty Cubes This wooden cube puzzle is a brain teaser with a twist. A simple, interactive,…

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Number Coins


The Wooden Number Coins are a great open-ended tool/toy to introduce numbers and basic math to your…

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Rainbow Hand Kite


Dance, jump, play, spin and watch kids have fun with our gorgeous rainbow hand kites! They will…

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Owl Gear Toy


An ideal interactive toy for babies, that introduces the working of gear system and cause and…

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Tortoise Gear Toy


Gear toys are one of the most basic and creatively satisfying toys for kids. It is also a great…

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Wooden Geoboard by ALT Retail


An amazing Montessori toy to introduce to your toddler, the Geo Board helps to improve hand-eye…

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Wooden Stamping Kit for Play dough


Encourage play in an unstructured and open-ended way with these wooden stamping tools. The…

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Children’s Sewing/Lacing Board


This Waldorf inspired fun toy is designed to teach lacing, patterning, and some basic everyday…

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Wooden Sensory Play Tools


This Waldorf inspired toy is designed for young minds to develop their fine motor skills and…

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Climbing/Pikler Triangle + Reversible Ramp


The Climbing Triangle: To put it simply, The Climbing Triangle is a sturdy, versatile, and very…

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Climbing/Pikler Triangle


To put it simply, The Climbing Triangle is a sturdy, versatile, and very engaging climbing frame.…

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Reversible Ramp (Add on for the Triangle)


The Ramp, an accessory for the Climbing TriangleAn accessory for the climbing triangle. The ramp…

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