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Breastfeeding your baby can be an extremely private and intimate moment for most moms. Of course, you do not always have the comfort of your own room when you need to feed your little one. If you ever need to feed your baby outdoors or in a public place, using the covers and accessories in the nursing range by Mama and Peaches gives you the privacy that you need. The are also the best pregnancy gifts for first time moms India as they double as scarves and clothing accessories that mom can match with her favorite outfit. Our collection also features a host of nursing accessories like nipple creams, balms and oils that keep mama soothed and also help her recover from issues like dried and cracked nipples faster.If you pick these pregnancy gifts for first time moms India, you can be assured of great quality. Of course, these are also the most thoughtful gifts for moms who are just starting out on their breastfeeding journey.

Mama and Peaches Nursing Breast Pad  

When a woman enters a new phase of being a mom, she requires extra care items such as a Nursing Breast pad, food items, accessories, clothes and many more. She has to take care of herself, along with her little heart. The reason being healthier the mom, healthier will be her kid.

Being a mom is a difficult phase for every woman, especially when you have your first baby. And breastfeeding could be the most challenging part during this period because the amount of your breast milk can cause puffiness, which can be overflowing anytime.  

Newly moms find that every 1-2 hours, their breast milk starts flowing out, even if your baby is not getting feed at that time. It could be an uncomfortable and embarrassing situation too. Hence to figure this problem out, Nursing Breast pads are the best solution as these pads will absorb the excess milk and keep you under a super comfy zone.

There is no other place better than Mama and Peaches’ online store. Here you will get the Best Nursing Pads with the best quality. And guess what you can buy Breast Pads Online from our store just in one click.


  • Convenient These Nursing pads are small and can be taken with you anywhere, discreetly. You can change them pretty much anywhere, with zero hassle.


  • Strong The adhesive backing is strong on these pads, so they stay in place. So you don’t need to worry about a loose pad sliding down or out of your bra!


  • Easy to Use These pads are lightweight and are easy to use and carry.


  • Hygienic- These pads contain high absorption capacity; hence they will keep your breast area dry and clean so you will be less likely to become susceptible to bacteria. 


  • Reduces Irritation- We use a modern cotton material on the breast side, and the inner portion is made up of pure organic material. This ensures your nipples and breasts can breathe and will help reduce nipple irritation. 

The best part about these nursing pads is that they are washable, and you can easily get Washable Breast Pads Online India from our Babies and Mommies online store.

We take care of your needs, so other than Nursing pads, we have also come up with a fantastic item called Organic Muslin Nursing Covers. These covers help feed your baby when you are somewhere out in a public place, as it gives the privacy that you need to provide to you and your little bundles. These pads also come in broad depictions such as Snuggle Bunny, Llama Love, Dots, Blossoms, Tiny Florals, Clouds, etc. 

Our store includes all in one package for Mommies and their little hearts. From here, you can buy breast feeding for baby, which provides for so many items such as cereals and other feeding items. This is the best part about Mama and Peaches; we take responsibility for your every need.

Coming to the conclusion, Nursing pads are as important as any other item, especially for the new mommies. Just visit, order and buy Nursing Breast Pads Online from the best online store and fill your cart with amazing moms and babies items.