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Go Twinning with your Little One

Every mom out there is convinced that her little one is a mini version of her. What better way to show this to the world that to go twinning with your baby with these fabulous pyjama sets for mama and her peach: 

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#1.Christmas Pyjama Set for Mama and Baby 

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This is a limited edition pyjama set that just sets the tone for the upcoming holiday season. The red and white pyjama sets with the festive Santa print is just what you need to keep warm this holiday season. The best part is that you can have it customised with your name on it, too. The red piping adds to the detailing of this pyjama set makes it perfect for you to cuddle up in bed or lounge around  the house on a cold winter morning. 

#2.Reindeer Pyjama Set for Mama and Baby 

This is yet another Christmas classic. The bright red pyjamas with the reindeer embroidery detail makes it just perfect for all the family pictures that you plan to take during this festive season. The fabric is breathable and the top notched collar makes it extra cosy. The soft waistband is comfortable for both mama and her peach. Grab your set now because this is also a limited edition piece. 

#3.Organic Blossom Pyjama Set for Mama and Baby 

This pretty floral pyjama set is just what you need if you love color. The bright prints on the pyjama set make it perfectly suited even to wear during the day. The fabric used is organic cotton which is light and extremely comfortable as well. The soft elastic band is perfect for you and your baby, letting you wear these pyjamas for as long as you like without worrying about it digging into your skin. 

#4. Organic Cloud Pyjama Set for Mama and Baby 

The dreamy and soothing light blue cloud prints look great on you and your little one. This pyjama set is made from 100% organic cotton which is extremely gentle on the skin and of course, super comfortable as well. The blue cording along the edges really makes the design of the pyjama set pop. To make it even more practical and convenient, you even have front pockets on the shirt. 


#5. Organic Fairytale Pyjama Set For Mama and Baby 


Love reading stories to your little one before bed? Then this is the perfect set for you. Complete with princess and unicorn prints, this one is simply magical. Made perfectly for a good night’s sleep, the fabric breathes well and still keeps you warm. These full length pyjamas with full sleeves keep you snug even on the coldest night. 

#6. Organic Serengeti Pyjama Set for Mama and Baby 

If you and your little one share a strong love for animals, then this is the print that we recommend for you. The bold prints of birds and animals of Africa also make for great conversations between you and your little one. The set is extremely cute and comfortable to wear all day long as you enjoy a lazy day at home with your child.

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Cloth diapering – Pocket-friendly, Baby-friendly and Environment-friendly

Have you ever wondered why your grandmom always recommends the good old cloth diaper? Sure, it is not as convenient as the regular diaper and needs to be changed more often. But, if you really think about it, a traditional cloth diaper is the best option for your little one for several reasons. 

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They are safer on your baby’s skin

Getting a set of muslin nappies or cotton for your baby is the best decision that you will ever make. These nappies are gentle on your little one’s delicate skin. In comparison to the disposable diapers that are plastic woven, these nappies are a lot more breathable. This means that moisture is not retained on your baby’s skin, preventing those pesky diaper rashes. Of course, you have to change a cloth diaper immediately after it is soiled. This keeps your baby’s little bottom dry and safe from skin issues. Cloth diapers are also known to relieve any existing skin conditions. 

They are much cheaper 

The smallest pack of baby diapers with about 22 pieces can cost you approximately Rs.250-300. Of course, these diapers are not usable which means that you will have to go through so many packs each month. This can really turn your budget upside down. The good thing about cloth diapers is that they can be washed and reused. This saves you a lot of money as these diapers are a one-time investment for your little one and need to be replaced less often. 

Cloth diapers make potty training easier 

Using a cloth diaper is a much better option for you if you want your child to be potty trained faster. The reason for this is that the regular diapers are made to keep your baby feeling drier for longer. But, on the other hand, the child experiences the wet sensation the moment a cloth diaper is soiled. So when it is time for your baby to be potty trained the difference between the wet and dry feeling is quite instinctive. Therefore, parents who use a cloth diaper find it much easier to accomplish this feat. 

They are environment-friendly 

When it comes to sustainability, there is no second thought. The cloth diaper is made from fabric like cotton or muslin that are biodegradable. On the other hand, the plastic element of the regular diaper makes it pile up in landfills and garbage dumps, taking years to decompose. A good quality cloth diaper lasts long enough to even pass on to your second child. This is a common practice in India households which is, no doubt, great for the environment. Mama and peaches also features reusable economic diapers that are 100% environment-friendly. 

Cloth diapers are more fashionable 

These diapers come in a variety of colors and patterns. So, you can choose them based on your baby’s outfit of the day. This, as opposed to the boring and bland white diaper, is definitely a better choice for your little one’s wardrobe.

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Preparing For Your Bundle Of Joy? – Newborn Essentials Checklist Before He/She Arrives

Pregnancy is a great time for the whole family, spent in anticipation and wait for the baby. Some have it tough, while others have an easy pregnancy. But most are simply getting ready to welcome their bundle home. 

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Here are some must-have newborn essentials which you must-have in your welcome baby kit/bag/closet. Go through this checklist to make sure your preparation is on point:

#1. A diaper bag

A spacious diaper bag with multiple compartments to store diapers, baby wipes, changing pad, diaper rash cream and other nappy-time essentials will really come handy once the baby arrives.

#2. Baby clothes

Stock on some comfy sets of onesies, jhablas, nappies, as well as some cozy winter clothes for your little one. Make sure they are made from breathable and natural fabric.

#3. A crib or bassinet or cradle

It is never a good idea to allow your newborn to sleep in your bed with you. Get a sturdy crib or cradle or bassinet and keep it next to your bed so that you can monitor the little one as they sleep. A must-have product would be the Smart Baby Mattress that is a huge help for new mums with cranky infants. It is a soothing add-on to any crib or cot. 

#4. Baby bedding

Be very mindful while choosing bedding sets for the newborn. The fabric must be natural and comfortable. Pick some waterproof sheets and macintosh as well. Also, avoid crowding the baby’s crib with too many beddings such as toys, pillows, loose blankets etc. as they can easily suffocate the little one. 

#5. Baby swaddles

It’s always a good idea to swaddle your little one for the first couple of months to make the baby feel secure and safe. Always opt for cotton or muslin swaddles that are made from natural and organic raw materials and help the baby’s skin breathe. 

#6. Baby skincare essentials

From baby massage oils to baby moisturizers, rash creams to sunscreens you will need a bunch of organic and gentle products made especially for baby’s skin. You cannot use your regular skincare products on your baby’s delicate skin.

#7. Baby feeding essentials

Nothing is ever better than the mother’s breastmilk when it comes to feeding a baby. You will need a breast pump and milk storage containers to keep the excess milk. A nursing pillow, a feeding bottle,  a baby bib and a moist cloth or baby wipes will come in handy during the feeding sessions.

#8. Baby bathing essentials

You must buy a great quality bathtub or bathing chair for the baby. In addition, baby-skin-friendly body washes, and shampoos, towels, wraps, and bathrobes do make those initial baths much fun for your baby and you. 

#9. Baby mosquito net

A baby mosquito net is essential to keep your little one protected from mosquitoes, insects and any diseases that come with them.

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Winter essentials for your newborn

Winter is coming, mommies. As the temperature goes down, your newborn will need your special care and attention more than ever. Newborns do not have the ability to adjust the core temperature of their bodies. The problem is that your baby won’t be able to inform you when they start to feel cold.

Not having the most important things to protect your baby from the cold can lead to serious problems and may get the precious one sick. So it’s always best to keep them warm at all times without stuffing them with too many layers of clothing.

Be prepared with these winter essentials to keep your little one warm and cozy throughout the season.

#1. Winter/ warm clothes

Layering is the key here. Your baby may not need a lot of warm clothes inside the house but outside it can get really cold. Invest in some good quality and cozy winter-wears such as night-suits, jackets, hoodies, scarves, sweaters, etc.

#2. Diapers

During winter season your baby will tend to pee a lot. So you will need more diapers and diaper covers a day than you’d need during summertime. Your baby will also need a good diaper rash cream to protect, treat and soothe any rashes or inflammation.

#3. Socks

Newborns’ feet tend to get cold easily. Keep those tiny feet covered at all times with some warm and cozy socks. They’ll trap the body heat and keep your baby snug all day.

#4. Onesies or pajamas with socks

What can be more cozy and comfortable than a pair of rompers, onesies or pajamas with in-built socks? These are really easy to throw on and warm enough to keep the winter baby protected from the cold.

#5. Winter headwear

Not only colourful headwears such as beanies or baby hats make those newborns look irresistibly adorable but they are also great to cover up the head and ears during the chilly days.

#6. Booties

Get a pair of thermal or fleece booties that give extra warmth to your little one’s feet whenever you go out.

#7. Sleepsacks

Keep your winter baby warm and snug throughout the night by making them sleep in these adorable sleepsacks. Unlike the regular loose ones, these wearable blankets made from breathable fabric will not come unwrapped during sleep.

#8. Blankets

It can get quite chillier during those long winter nights and your babe will need more layers to stay cozy yet comfortable. Invest in some good quality blankets and wrap your peach around making a snuggly cocoon with it.

#9. Quilts

Some soft yet warm, snuggly quilts are must-haves for your little one during these winter days. They not only provide extra warmth and coziness but also make your baby super comfortable leading on to a night of deep sleep.

#10. Skincare

Your newborn’s skin is extremely delicate and thin making it vulnerable to dryness during these chilly winter months. Bring home some natural and nourishing moisturizers, massage oils, body butters, etc. made for babies to keep your winter baby’s skin soft, supple and hydrated.
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Independent Sleep – Prepare The Right Way

Just like adults, deep sleep relaxes the body and mind babies as well. An undisturbed nap-time is very important for the healthy mental and physical development of children. It takes a few weeks for a newborn to develop a proper sleep-wake cycle which is why you may notice an irregular sleep pattern of your little one during the initial days. They need their parents to help them fall asleep but may wake up multiple times in between.

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Independent sleep is when babies learn to settle themselves for a long sleep and can resettle themselves without the help of their parents if they wake up in the middle of the night. This helps the babies to get the optimum and uninterrupted, deep sleep that they need.

Follow these tips and techniques to prepare your little one for independent sleep in the right and effective way:

#1. A proper schedule

It takes days to form a new habit – be it for babies or adults. Consistency is the key. Follow a proper sleep schedule for your baby from day 1. While it is alright to be a little flexible, make sure to stick to the schedule as much as you can. As you will continue to put your baby to sleep at a particular hour, it will slowly become a habit for the babe to feel sleepy as that particular hour approaches. You will find some interesting baby nighttime gift sets at Mama and Peaches, to help you through this phase. 

#2. Read the signs

Babies talk with their actions until their linguistic advancements are made. Be on the lookout for the signs your newborn shows when they feel sleepy as such crying, yawning, rubbing their eyes, etc. It is very important to put your baby in the crib when they are feeling sleepy and not after they are asleep to promote the habit of independent sleep. It is ok to help your child feel sleepy by rocking or singing to them. A comfy bedding with a safe mosquito net mattress will make your job even easier. 

#3. Difference between day and night

It is much easier to get an undisturbed sleep during the night time as it gives a peaceful and calming experience without any bright light or loud noises. Make sure to get your baby adjusted to the concept that night time or darkness is meant for sleeping. Place your baby’s crib in a dark room with enough ventilation but closed curtains, thereby creating a night like experience helping the baby stay asleep. Make sure you change her into a comfortable nightsuit to indicate its time for bed. Breathable, organic and cotton fabrics are always better for little ones. 

#4. So comfy, so safe

To get an uninterrupted, deep sleep for hours, the sleeping environment needs to make your child feel comfortable and secure. You can wrap your newborn into a cocoon made of a swaddle to mimic the womb-like comfort. Swaddling is strictly for newborns below the age of 3 months until they start to roll over. For little older babies sleep sacks, and knitted blankets work wonders too. 

#5. All night dryness

For babies and toddlers, an important aspect of a healthy all-night sleep is staying dry. Most parents struggle with bedwetting that disrupts sleep. Even if you put your little ones in diapers, its best to use absorbent bed protectors and sheets to avoid sleep disruption due to accidental leaks. 
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Diwali Gifts for Your Little Ones

Diwali is just around the corner and you must have already started with the preparations. From cleaning the house to decorating every room, you must be swamped with chores by now. But no matter how busy you are, you cannot miss out on the one thing your peach has been waiting so eagerly for – something wonderful wrapped in colorful papers AKA the Diwali gift.

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While it’s relatively easy to choose a gift for adults, it can get very confusing when you start looking for Diwali gifts for your little ones. Don’t fret mommies – check out these awesome ideas and plan the perfect surprise for your child:

#1 A box full of joy

When it comes to gifts, almost all the kids automatically think about toys. But they will surely be blown away when they receive a whole box full of interesting toys to play with. Check out this amazing, gender-neutral Diwali gift box for the little one, which is perfect for kids below 2-3 years. From wooden stackers, puzzles or soft toys to alphabet flashcards, this box is loaded with toys that are not just fun but also helpful in the proper growth and development of your toddler.

#2 A hamper for the princess

Well you know it already – it’s really hard to impress the adorable little princess. She wants everything to be top notch, just the way she is. Just a bunch of toys? Nope, not a good idea. You need something fun, versatile yet perfect in every way – something just like this Diwali box for toddler girls. It has an adorable llama crossbody bag, a yummy chocolate bar, lovely hair clips, a stick puzzle and a board book full of illustrations.

#3 Go traditional

Festive seasons are just the perfect occasion for a mom to dress her child in adorable Indian attires. But since it’s Diwali and your child will be playing and running around close of fireworks and crackers, it is highly important to pay special attention to the fabric your little one wears. Made from special milk protein fabric, these classy yet cute kurta pajama set will be perfect for your little boy. You can opt for this stylish kurta with dhoti pants set, made with the same organic cotton fabric, for the little diva in your house.

#4 Need a little sweetness

Festive celebrations are incomplete without sweets and chocolates. Try this yummy chocolate bar from Mama and Peaches which brings you the joys of simple flavours. With toffee and caramel centre, this unique bar is sure to be a hit among the kids.

#5 A fun puzzle game

Teach your little peach to have a quiet and peaceful Diwali celebration at home. Sit together with the kids and bring out this interesting Diwali special puzzle which has Ravan’s 10 heads on beautifully painted sticks. While they solve the puzzle, you can make it even more fun yet educational by introducing them to our mythology and culture.

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Educational and Safe Toys – The Must-Have Toys

Fun, colourful toys are a part of every little one’s childhood. But have you wondered what an important role toys play in your child’s overall development? Educational toys are known to trigger and enhance your child’s cognitive, emotional, as well as, physical development from a very early age. At the same time, it is vital that the toys your munchkin comes in contact with and plays with, all day long are absolutely safe, made from natural materials, and free from harmful chemicals. 

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Here are a few must-have educational toys that are super safe for your peach –

#1. Wooden Stackers and Puzzles

Wooden toys are absolutely fun yet safe toys for babies. Wooden Stackers help babies to learn and recognize different shapes, sizes, colours, etc. while improving their hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Wooden Puzzles are the perfect challenges to activate brain function and build your child’s problem-solving ability, spacial management skills, sorting abilities and more. 

#2. Soft Toys

Soft toys are great tools to trigger the flow of imagination and creativity in children. Soft toys and action figures are usually enjoyed by children of all ages. Teach them to imagine a character and build a story around those toys for hours of pretend play and cuddling. These activities are great for your child’s cognitive, social as well as emotional development.

#3. Counting game

Along with words, it is important for a child to learn numbers and how to count. Bring home the Brainsmith Counting Firemen, the perfect counting game to help your child identify and learn numbers and have fun with them. These colorful firemen blocks and ladder are sure to keep your munchkin engaged for hours while sparking logical thinking and developing problem solving abilities as well. 

#4. Tell A Tale

Along with cognitive and physical development, it is essential to help build your child’s linguistic and social skills too. Games such as “Spin A Story” are great to enhance your little one’s oral fluency, creativity, imagination, language development, communication skills, and retention. Sit together and let your child weave interesting stories using hints from the flashcards drawn from the game. 

#5. Spell Them Right

Learning and remembering spellings of words can be pretty boring for many kids; unless you make it all fun and games. Spell Cat is an interesting and colorful approach to the otherwise conventional way of learning spellings which will keep children engaged as they challenge themselves. 

#6. Sort and Count

A sorting toy helps your kid to learn and recognize different shapes, sizes, patterns, colors as well as object placement. Get your child a multipurpose toy like the “Brainsmith Shape Sorting Clock” with which your child can learn to count, get familiar with clocks and learn to match numbers and colors. Also try the Spy Bag, a unique sorting toy to satiate your little one’s curiosity.  

#7. Puzzles

Puzzles are challenging games that trigger one’s problem-solving and memory skills. Get your peach this unique Diwali Stick Puzzle that creates Ravan’s 10 heads on beautifully painted sticks. Perfect to inculcate patience in your little one, this puzzle is a great way to educate little ones about our mythology, culture, festivals, and traditions. 

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The Best Montessori Toys That Grow With Your Child

Babies learn by touching and feeling everything around them. The idea of allowing them to explore and learn by themselves in an unstructured playful way is known as the Montessori philosophy.

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A Montessori toy is based on this philosophy, which helps the curiosity and imagination to grow as babies learn to play independently by exploring and experimenting with it. These toys are also good for developing their physical, emotional as well as social skills throughout their toddlerhood. 

Read on to know about the best Montessori toys for your little one that will grow with your child:

#1. Rainbow Building Blocks

This simple and basic looking toy comes in attractive rainbow colors which triggers color identification skills in babies from an early age. These Rainbow building blocks help with their motor skills and imagination as they try to grab, stack and build different patterns with these blocks.

#2. Wooden Stackers

Along with being fun and attractive, kids’ toys need to be made from natural and safe material. Wooden stackers are good for enhancing your child’s shape and color sense as well as the idea of object placement. They also help with your baby’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination from an early age.

#3. Wooden Puzzles

Just like wooden stackers, wooden puzzles are also great for teaching those little ones about shape, size, object placement, etc. Made from natural materials, these are safe for even babies as they can work on their motor skills and hand-eye coordination by playing with these blocks of puzzles.

#4. A Sorting Toy

Shape sorters or sorting toys are fun yet challenging toys for kids. These toys help them learn about shapes, patterns, sizes and how to sort similar objects together. Sorting toys like “Sort In The Box” are specially designed for 3-4-year-old kids, who can challenge their knowledge about shapes, colors, and patterns by sorting similar objects into the four boxes that come with the game.

#5. A Chalk Book or Board

Let the little ones scribble or doodle down their creativity and imagination on to a fun and easy-to-carry chalk book or board. It comes with a few chalks and a duster along with a tic tac toe game at the back that you can play with the little one.

#6. Advanced Logic Stacking Set

This logic stacking game is meant for children older than 3 years as it brings the stacking game to an advanced level. The child needs to use logic to figure out the proper order in which the discs need to be stacked on top of the colorful bars of different lengths. It will help your little one’s problem-solving skills, color recognition as well as hand-eye coordination.

#7. Jigsaw Puzzle

A jigsaw puzzle is great for improving problem-solving abilities, thinking process and speed as well as short-term memory. The Chattychoo Puzzle is a 100-piece puzzle designed especially for kids above 4-5 years, which needs the kid to finish 5 missions strategically. It comes with a customizable certificate that you can present your kid with, upon successful completion of the puzzle.

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Baby Shower Gifts Under 2000/

Baby shower gifts

A baby shower is thrown for a pregnant lady by her close relatives or friends, a few weeks before her due date. The mom-to-be is surrounded by the love and support of her dear ones as they shower her with blessings in the form of gifts and celebrate her journey towards motherhood.

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Do you have a baby shower of a close friend coming up around the corner? Here is a list of amazing baby shower gifts under 2000/- that will surely help the new mother:

#1. A box full of love

The pregnant momma needs a little bit of extra care and pampering to help her body and mind stay strong, fresh and energetic. Gift her this “Oh you’re so pregnant” box – a collection of goods such as stretch-marks oil, organic pregnancy tea, refreshing rose water and revitalizing face masks that are curated specifically for the 2nd or 3rd trimester. It also contains letters where the momma can pen down her memories of this precious time for the little one to read later on.

#2. Baby care kit

A newborn’s skin is very soft and delicate which needs proper attention and care. Check out this thoughtfully curated Newborn Baby Care Box for the little one which includes a diaper rash cream, a baby massage oil, a body and face cream as well as baby shampoo and body wash. These products have been carefully selected to cater to the needs of the developing skin.

#3. Baby swaddle packs

Swaddles help the newborn to stay protected and in-place as well as give a warm, cozy experience just like the womb. Pick a newborn baby swaddle pack for the upcoming baby shower of your friend as she prepares to welcome the baby. These swaddles are specially made from GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified fabric.

#4. A diaper bag

A diaper bag will become a new mom’s best friend as the baby arrives. Be sure to choose one that is spacious enough to store all the diaper-changing essentials and fun yet handy enough for the mom to carry it around for the next one or two years.

#5. Nappies

When it comes to newborns, everything that touches their delicate skin must be extremely soft. Check out these 100% organic cotton super nappies specially made for mommies to keep the newborn clean and fresh without compromising on the effects they have on the skin.

#6. Onesies

How adorable do newborns look in their teeny-weeny onesies, right? Select 2-3 cute onesies from here and make a perfect gift set for the forthcoming baby shower. Made from organic cotton fabric, these onesies will keep the little one warm and snuggly, protecting the delicate skin from outside pollution.

#7. Baby Arrival Gift Set

A baby arrival gift set includes everything a mom needs to welcome the little one. The “Welcome To The World Little One” gift set comes with a handy diaper bag, a soft cushion, and a snuggly dohar to keep the baby warm. It also contains a set of easy-to-stick alphabets customised to the baby’s name.
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