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Educational and Safe Toys – The Must-Have Toys

Fun, colourful toys are a part of every little one’s childhood. But have you wondered what an important role toys play in your child’s overall development? Educational toys are known to trigger and enhance your child’s cognitive, emotional, as well as, physical development from a very early age. At the same time, it is vital that the toys your munchkin comes in contact with and plays with, all day long are absolutely safe, made from natural materials, and free from harmful chemicals. 

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Here are a few must-have educational toys that are super safe for your peach –

#1. Wooden Stackers and Puzzles

Wooden toys are absolutely fun yet safe toys for babies. Wooden Stackers help babies to learn and recognize different shapes, sizes, colours, etc. while improving their hand-eye coordination and motor skills. Wooden Puzzles are the perfect challenges to activate brain function and build your child’s problem-solving ability, spacial management skills, sorting abilities and more. 

#2. Soft Toys

Soft toys are great tools to trigger the flow of imagination and creativity in children. Soft toys and action figures are usually enjoyed by children of all ages. Teach them to imagine a character and build a story around those toys for hours of pretend play and cuddling. These activities are great for your child’s cognitive, social as well as emotional development.

#3. Counting game

Along with words, it is important for a child to learn numbers and how to count. Bring home the Brainsmith Counting Firemen, the perfect counting game to help your child identify and learn numbers and have fun with them. These colorful firemen blocks and ladder are sure to keep your munchkin engaged for hours while sparking logical thinking and developing problem solving abilities as well. 

#4. Tell A Tale

Along with cognitive and physical development, it is essential to help build your child’s linguistic and social skills too. Games such as “Spin A Story” are great to enhance your little one’s oral fluency, creativity, imagination, language development, communication skills, and retention. Sit together and let your child weave interesting stories using hints from the flashcards drawn from the game. 

#5. Spell Them Right

Learning and remembering spellings of words can be pretty boring for many kids; unless you make it all fun and games. Spell Cat is an interesting and colorful approach to the otherwise conventional way of learning spellings which will keep children engaged as they challenge themselves. 

#6. Sort and Count

A sorting toy helps your kid to learn and recognize different shapes, sizes, patterns, colors as well as object placement. Get your child a multipurpose toy like the “Brainsmith Shape Sorting Clock” with which your child can learn to count, get familiar with clocks and learn to match numbers and colors. Also try the Spy Bag, a unique sorting toy to satiate your little one’s curiosity.  

#7. Puzzles

Puzzles are challenging games that trigger one’s problem-solving and memory skills. Get your peach this unique Diwali Stick Puzzle that creates Ravan’s 10 heads on beautifully painted sticks. Perfect to inculcate patience in your little one, this puzzle is a great way to educate little ones about our mythology, culture, festivals, and traditions. 

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The Best Montessori Toys That Grow With Your Child

Babies learn by touching and feeling everything around them. The idea of allowing them to explore and learn by themselves in an unstructured playful way is known as the Montessori philosophy.

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A Montessori toy is based on this philosophy, which helps the curiosity and imagination to grow as babies learn to play independently by exploring and experimenting with it. These toys are also good for developing their physical, emotional as well as social skills throughout their toddlerhood. 

Read on to know about the best Montessori toys for your little one that will grow with your child:

#1. Rainbow Building Blocks

This simple and basic looking toy comes in attractive rainbow colors which triggers color identification skills in babies from an early age. These Rainbow building blocks help with their motor skills and imagination as they try to grab, stack and build different patterns with these blocks.

#2. Wooden Stackers

Along with being fun and attractive, kids’ toys need to be made from natural and safe material. Wooden stackers are good for enhancing your child’s shape and color sense as well as the idea of object placement. They also help with your baby’s motor skills and hand-eye coordination from an early age.

#3. Wooden Puzzles

Just like wooden stackers, wooden puzzles are also great for teaching those little ones about shape, size, object placement, etc. Made from natural materials, these are safe for even babies as they can work on their motor skills and hand-eye coordination by playing with these blocks of puzzles.

#4. A Sorting Toy

Shape sorters or sorting toys are fun yet challenging toys for kids. These toys help them learn about shapes, patterns, sizes and how to sort similar objects together. Sorting toys like “Sort In The Box” are specially designed for 3-4-year-old kids, who can challenge their knowledge about shapes, colors, and patterns by sorting similar objects into the four boxes that come with the game.

#5. A Chalk Book or Board

Let the little ones scribble or doodle down their creativity and imagination on to a fun and easy-to-carry chalk book or board. It comes with a few chalks and a duster along with a tic tac toe game at the back that you can play with the little one.

#6. Advanced Logic Stacking Set

This logic stacking game is meant for children older than 3 years as it brings the stacking game to an advanced level. The child needs to use logic to figure out the proper order in which the discs need to be stacked on top of the colorful bars of different lengths. It will help your little one’s problem-solving skills, color recognition as well as hand-eye coordination.

#7. Jigsaw Puzzle

A jigsaw puzzle is great for improving problem-solving abilities, thinking process and speed as well as short-term memory. The Chattychoo Puzzle is a 100-piece puzzle designed especially for kids above 4-5 years, which needs the kid to finish 5 missions strategically. It comes with a customizable certificate that you can present your kid with, upon successful completion of the puzzle.

Mama and Peaches brings you thoughtfully prepared themed boxes for mama, the baby, and maternity filled with 5-7 premium products. Click here to choose a subscription plan according to your needs. 

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Stuffed Soft Toys for Babies to Buy Online

All little babies and toddlers love stuffed toys. Many even carry their favourite plushy way into teenage. If you are looking to buy a cuddly stuffed toy for your little wonder in the hope that he/she will take to it immediately and even snuggle to bed with it, here are some choices to consider.

Five Best Stuffed Toys

#1. Mellissa and Doug Chestnut Classic Teddy Bear

Price: Rs. 5764/-

Sitting 16 inches tall, this plump teddy bear is an all time favourite with kids. It comes stuffed with top quality material and looks dignified.  Adorned with a bow he is dressed for an occasion. His curly fur is soft and silky. The pads on his paw are smooth. This one makes friends wherever he goes with his appealing expression.


#2. Cute Sitting Rabbit Stuffed Toy

Price: Rs. 579/-

Made from high quality material and filled with fibre, this little bunny lightweight, and easy-to-carry toy for your little one. Vibrant and attractive, your baby will love to play with it. Your baby will feel safe and secure with this warm and cuddly toy.

#3. Sana Stuffed Panda

Price: 1599/-

This white and black Panda is made of child safe, high quality, and 100% polyester material. The Panda is delightfully lovable, warm, and huggable. You can introduce your child to the world of animals with this Panda. Black and white always attracts babies and is easy to spot even from a pile of other toys. It’s a good replacement to the regular teddy.

#4. Tickles Yellow Pikachu Pokémon Soft Toy

Price: Rs. 799/-

This Toy is made of soft cloth and stuffed with material that feels cushiony.  It is also child safe. All Pokémon fans would love this toy. It is a replica of the Pokémon character. Your children can relate very well to this toy.  With friends or alone, your child will have fun playing with this toy. It will help develop communication and role-play skills of your child. You can also pick from an array of other cartoon plush toys such as Mickey and Minnie, Doremon, Minions, Jungle Book characters, and more.


#5. Kids’ World Caterpillar Soft Toy

Price: Rs. 425/- to Rs. 1100/- depending upon the size

The long and vibrant caterpillar is an all time favourite with babies and toddlers. Not only does it make the perfect toy to snuggle with, it also makes a delightful headrest and pull along for little ones. You will find your toddler dragging it all over the house as he learns to walk. It makes an eye-catching cot and baby bed accessory as well.  If you can find one with tinker bells inside even better! Your baby would love the sound every time he pulls at the toy. What’s more, you can even teach him colours through this beautiful soft toy.


Five Tips To Buy Stuffed Toys

Stuffed Toys are warm and cuddly and easy to handle.  But how safe is it for your child? Here are a few tips you should keep in mind while buying a soft toy for your little one.


  • Make sure that the toy does not have small objects like buttons or beads sewn onto them. Babies can easily pull them of and there is a risk of swallowing.
  • Ensure that the Toy is wire-free.  Even a small wire will hurt your child.
  • Check for the seams. They should be strong and should not rip off easily so that the stuffing remains intact.
  • Look for a washable toy to avoid dust and germs. These fuzzy pals can become dirty very soon.
  • Avoid buying stuffed toys with long hair for babies. Little ones have a habit of putting things in their mouth, more so when they are teething. The hair going into their mouth is not a very hygienic and healthy option.  

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5 Things To Do When Your Baby Is Colicky

Becoming a parent is an indescribable feeling. You bring your infant home, and for some time you are in awe of your infant who simply rests, drinks milk, pees and cries once in a while. For most parents, the bliss doesn’t last long. After some time, your baby starts crying with grasped clench hands, thrashing legs and a red face. Regardless of what you do, you can’t comfort your crying infant — and that is not all: the baby rehashes these pitiful, unpleasant scenes consistently for some time. If this is what you have been experiencing, you are welcome to another chapter of parenthood – the colic.

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How Can You Deal With Colic?

In case you are confusing colic with some illness, it is important for you to know that colic is definitely not a sign that your infant is sick; however, acid reflux, food allergies, and exposure to tobacco smoke can bring on additional discomfort. Reasons for colic are ample but you can still go for some solutions to soothe the little one.

1.  Try Gentle Massage

Your infant may appreciate a gentle back rub, yet be sensitive to how he or she reacts. Each baby is born with a different temperament. So, sometimes even a gentle massage may cause your baby to feel irritated, thus worsening the situation. You can try detecting your baby’s mood and proceed with gentle rubs on back or all over the body. Everyone loves a good massage; your baby will love it too. Massaging helps relax the muscles, which in turn releases feel-good-hormones “endorphins”, thus calming your baby.

2. Move Around Gently

Delicate movement can be calming, so you can try rocking your baby. You can place your bundle of joy in an infant swing. Also, it may be less difficult for your infant to fall asleep if you stroll around the house with gentle steps. Your baby may favour being held on your shoulder or neck, and close to your pulse. If that doesn’t work as well, you can attempt tenderly bouncing here and there while embracing your infant. Moving around with your baby is also known to cement the bond. It’s a win-win situation for both. The baby calms down and drifts off to sleep and you can help gushing over your little angel.

3.  Recreate White Noise Or Natural Sounds

Infants like sounds that help them to remember the heartbeat and delicate whooshing movements they heard in the belly. If your baby is getting upset and showing no signs of calming down, you can try playing some sounds which are similar to the sounds in the womb. Your baby may even quiet down when the exhaust fan is on in the kitchen. You can likewise scan online for calming sounds like rain or other consistent, natural noises.

Adults have used white or natural noises to calm their nerves; it is most likely to work on your baby as well.

4. Try Swaddling

Consider how cosy your child was before his or her introduction to the world, you must keep in mind that how overwhelming the world appears to him or her at the present time. Swaddling – wrapping your little one cosily in a cover or fabric – can enable an infant to calm down. You can take a chance at swaddling your child amid feedings in case he/she experiences difficulty in eating. Swaddling is known to calm the babies and they wake up chirping happily.

Swaddling may enable your colicky baby to get the chance to rest, there’s a decent shot it will help him/her stay asleep as well.

5.  Try Pacifier

A colicky baby can bring the entire household on toes. In this case, anything that helps your junior calm down is a lifesaver. Traditionally, mothers have been using breastfeeding to quieten their babies when a colic attack happens. Sucking on the nipple gives the baby a chance to get distracted. Food is a reward here. If you have already fed your baby, consider offering to place a pacifier in his/her mouth. You can also use your cleaned finger instead of a pacifier.

Once you divert your baby’s attention to something more rewarding, you can easily make him/her asleep.

A Note To The Reader

It is understandable to get worried if your little one is constantly becoming colicky. If the above approaches don’t work, consult your nearest paediatrician to get your baby tested for gastric issues.

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Best Gifts for Twin Babies

If you thought that buying gifts for one baby was hard, wait until someone in your close circle delivers twins. You need two of everything or something that can be used for both the babies together.

If you are just not able to figure out what you should buy for twin babies, here are some ideas that you are going to love:

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  • Twin sized baby sling: Make it easier for mom and dad to carry the babies around. You can find specially designed twin baby slings and carriers. They are extremely comfortable to wear and will fit right around your torso, also leaving the hands free for the parents to tend to other needs of the baby.




  • Nursing pillow for twins: Feeding twins is certainly not easy. Taking them by turns to feed will leave them irritated and cranky. So help mom feed the two babies at once with a comfortable nursing pillow for twins that fits comfortably on either side of the body. The babies can rest on the nursing pillow easily and mom is able to feed them both together.




  • Twin strollers: If the parents to be haven’t already got their own twin strollers, this is a wonderful gift to give them. It is definitely one of the top items in their list of things they need for the little ones. These strollers either have two levels or have two separate compartments attached in the middle. Depending upon the ones that you prefer, you can choose even a folding option or a convertible option that can even double as a twin car seat while travelling.




  • Funny baby onesies: You no longer want to have matching clothes for the babies. Instead witty t-shirts and onesies are the way to go. For instance one could read “Ctrl+C” while the other one reads “Ctrl+V” or the words “Tweedledee” and Tweedledum” can be written across these onesies. If you want something wittier, you can even have them personalized depending on the ideas that you have.




  • Soothing mats: The biggest nightmare for most new parents of twins is that when one begins to cry the other one eventually follows. This can go on for hours where you calm one baby and the other one goes off on a roll. What if you could give them something that would help pacify the babies for some time. Special twin soothing mats are the perfect option. These mats vibrate gently and keep the babies relaxed so that they can drift off to sleep in no time.




  • Twin feeding trays: These handy trays are perfect for when solid foods will be introduced to the twins. These twin feeding trays have separate slots for each child with a comfortable grip right in the center for mom or dad to hold the tray easily. This makes it simpler to feed the two children at one time while ensuring that the portions you feed them are equal. Couple this with a The Little West St. Wash Cloth Set from the Mama and Peach Gift store for the perfect set.



  • Shopping cart hammocks: These hammocks fit easily onto shopping racks and keep the babies calm when mom and dad are shopping. They can also just dose off as the cart moves along. Everyone knows how hard it can be to shop with twins. So, this is the perfect solution.


If you are looking for something that is simple, yet meaningful and useful, you may also choose A Bundle for the Bundle of Joy package from the special Gifting section at Mama and Peaches. These packages come with all the essentials for your little ones.  


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10 baby shower gifts to give a new mom

Baby showers are simply wonderful. This is when you can truly express to a mom-to-be about how excited you are to welcome the new baby to the world. It is a time to celebrate and of course, to shower mommy to be with gifts.

Here are 10 baby shower gift ideas that ensure that you will not go wrong:

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  • Post pregnancy kit: Prepare mama for a speedy recovery post pregnancy. From tummy creams to soothing teas, you can make a hamper with several goodies. Best still, you can purchase a “New Mama New Life” Gift Box from Mama and Peaches.


  • Receiving blankets: Warm and snuggle receiving blankets in different colors are just what she will need when the baby finally arrives. How about a Sommer Home Origami 100% Organic Swaddle from the Mama and Peaches gift store?


  • Baby costumes: These are great for the baby’s first ever photoshoot. From superhero themed onesies to crochet bumblebee costumes, you can put together a set suitable for both boys and girls. After all, babies look cute in just about anything.


  • Body Pillows: In the last leg of pregnancy, getting some sleep is the hardest thing for a mom to be. A full body pillow gives her the support that she needs for her thighs, back and belly, allowing her to get a good night’s sleep.  


  • Parenting books: You can get a set of some of the best self-help books including Dr.Spock’s Baby and Childcare or books that will help her go back to work after having a baby. These books are extremely interesting for her to read as they cover all the questions that she may have after having her baby.


  • Baby journals: Be it baby journals or a record of baby’s milestones, anything that can document her baby’s development is a great idea for a mom to be. These baby journals give you the option to even put in pictures of important events from the time the baby comes into the world. It is a great souvenir for the future when she just wants to relive those precious moments.


  • A maternity photoshoot : You can arrange for a special themed photoshoot for mom, dad and the baby to be. These maternity photoshoots can include everything from studio bookings to hair and makeup. That way, this beautiful phase is captured perfectly.


  • Bath and Beauty hampers: A beauty hamper containing bath salts, hydrating moisturizers, soothing body butters and more are just what she needs to relax and rejuvenate.


  • Prenatal and Postnatal exercise classes: Give her the gift of good health with exclusive membership to prenatal and postnatal exercise classes. This can include relaxing water exercises or yoga classes that prepare her body before and after delivery.   


  • Baby changing station: A portable changing station is the ideal gift for a mama on the go. These changing stations are foldable and are complete with a changing mat that will help her make quick diaper changes whenever she is out with her baby.
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Gifts for 3 month old boy Online India

So your little bundle of joy is turning all of 3 months old and you are wondering what gifts to buy him? Baby gifts are the hardest to buy.  You are not only spoilt for choices but also want to make sure that you give your baby something that is actually useful while being fun.

New Born Gifts

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Personalised Baby Gifts

Checkout our Gift Shop:Welcome to The World Little One

If you have run out of ideas, here are some simple ones that will help you choose the perfect gift:

  • Board books: It is never too early to introduce your little one to books. Especially when you have special books that are designed to withstand drooling, chewing and anything else that your baby decides to do with them. You can read out from these books to your little one. They also come with beautiful patterns and textures for your baby to explore.


  • Wrap around plush toys: These plush toys are flexible and can be wrapped around your baby’s crib or pram. This is where your baby spends most of his time and would really appreciate having a buddy by his side all the time.


  • Squeaky rubber toy sets: Babies just love to grab on to something. And, if it makes some noise at the slightest touch, it is a complete hit. These squeaky rubber toys are even safe for your baby to chew on during the teething period. They come in different colors and even themes that you can choose from.


  • Activity bars: These bars come with many soft toys and trinkets that hang down from them. They are easily placed across the baby’s crib. Since a three month old cannot really sit up and play by himself, this is a great way to keep your little one entertained for hours. Just make sure that your baby is not able to reach out and pull down on these trinkets. They should also not be too small to swallow if he does pull at them accidentally.


  • Rattles: There are so many different shapes, sizes and designs of rattles available these days. They are colorful, lightweight and as noisy as your little one would love them to be. Just pick one made from a sturdy material and let the little one shake all his energy away.


  • Customized quilts: Keep your baby warm with a beautiful handmade quilt. You can even use some of your old clothes or t-shirts that are sewn in between to give your baby the comfort of your smell when you are away. Attaching a small plush toys with this quilt is the rage these days as your little one will have something to snuggle up with and even play while he falls asleep.

Mama and Peaches hopes to make your journey with your little one delightful with customized subscription boxes. These boxes come with baby care products and a range of fun toys that are perfect for your little one. And what’s more, there are wonderful goodies for mama as well. Have you subscribed to your box yet?

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Best Gifts for 7 month old boy India Online

When your baby is about 7 months old, it almost seems like he has no interest in “baby” things like rattles or even plush toys. He is a lot more inquisitive and wants to explore the world around him. He is now crawling, reaching out for things and is even able to sit up on his own. So, when you buy a gift, you need to make sure that they help him explore these new skills that he has acquired. Here are some ideas that you just cannot go wrong with:

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  • Shape sorting cubes: These cubes are great to help your baby understand different shapes and sizes. They are also great with cognitive skills and gross motor skills. These wooden blocks are like jigsaw puzzles with large shapes that come out from each side. Pull them out and let your little one put them back in the right slot.


  • Push-toys: By this age, babies are quite mobile. They love to crawl around. So toys that can be pushed are truly enjoyed by them. A big push car, a drag along truck or even animal shaped toys with wheels are perfect for him to pull or push along with him wherever he goes.  


  • Wooden alphabet abacus: A wooden abacus has a large frame with blocks placed in rows for your baby to twirl and play with. The bonus is that a large abacus also is a great aid for him to support himself when he stands up. The colorful rotating cubes with alphabets and numbers are a great learning tool for your little one.  
  • Wooden blocks: This is a classic gift that you cannot go wrong with. You can play with your baby using these blocks for hours. Just stack them up and watch him giggle each time he knocks them down with one shove or push. Every time your little one reaches out and holds these cubes, he is slowly developing his gross motor skills and grip as well.


  • Baby hand drum: Any toy that makes noise is a hit. Babies love to tap on things and make some noise with them. Instead of a boring old table top, try a hand drum that he can play with. You can also get innovative with your choice of musical toy with baby maracas, tambourines or keyboards.  


  • Shape mazes: These mazes come with several loops and movable shapes attached to them. Your baby has to get each shape from one end to the other. It takes a lot of concentration and will keep your little one occupied for hours.


  • Animal sets: Babies and animals are like two peas in a pod. You can pick up animal sets to introduce him to different kinds of animals- farm animals, wild animals, birds and a lot more.  

At Mama and Peaches, we deliver a box of happiness each month with handpicked products for mom and the baby. Enjoy the best brands in baby care, beauty and bath, toys, accessories and apparel that are put together to match a specific theme each month. Subscribe to your box now.

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Best Gifts for 9 month old Girl Online India

At the age of 9 months, the attention span of babies is much higher. This means that keeping them entertained is quite the task. Thankfully there are several fun toys that are available today that are extremely fun and engaging. These toys also help your child reach several developmental milestones and make for the perfect gifts as well.

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Mama and Peaches brings to you a unique subscription box each month with handpicked products for the baby. This includes toys, activity sets, clothing items and even baby care products from some of the best brands in the market today. Each month comes with a special theme that will keep you waiting eagerly. So subscribe to your box now!


New Born Gifts
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  • Squirt bath toys: Make bath time more fun with these noisy squirt toys. They come in sets such as sea animals, farm animals or water birds and more for you to choose from. This keeps the baby amused when having a bath and is also great to let their imagination run wild. Just fill these toys with water and let your baby have a blast squirting little water fountains out by squeezing them.


  • Swirl ball ramp: This is a great toy to improve your little one’s pincer grip. They come with a colorful ramp that is spiral shaped. Along with this you have soft, colorful balls that the baby just has to roll down the ramp. Watching the ball roll down is a lot of fun for the little one and the act of putting the ball in the right slot helps develop crucial skills like eye hand coordination.


  • Animal matching blocks: These soft animal shaped blocks can be separated into two halves. Watch your little one in deep though as she tries to put the right halves together. This toy is great to help your child understand shapes and sizes and also builds cognitive skills and eye hand co-ordination.


  • Activity block: Each side of this block is completely different from the other. One side comes with buttons that make sounds while the other side comes with rattles and twirl toys. Basically, there is something new and fun on each side to keep your little one excited and entertained.


  • Musical books: Specially designed books for babies with large buttons that produce sounds are perfect to get them interested in reading. With each page, you have a set of buttons that your baby can push. They also make great story telling aids to help you spend some quality time with your little girl.


  • Baby microphone: This is a very interesting toy for the little one as the sound is magnified when she speaks into it. In addition to this, these microphones come with songs that are programmed into them. They also come with rings and buttons that make different, interesting sounds.


  • Muscial touchpads: These touchpads produce musical notes and sounds even when your baby just runs her finger over. They also make sounds when they are moved or when your baby shakes them around.


New Born Gifts
Personalised Baby Gifts
Gifts for New Moms
Gifts for New Moms and Babies
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Maternity Gifts


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Pregnancy announcement ideas for grandparents

When a couple finds out they are pregnant, one of the most exciting things to do is to share the news with all their loved ones and most of all the Grandparents to be. It is obvious that grandparents are more excited for the new bundle of joy as they look forward to relive those fun filled days of childhood again.

So if you are wondering how to surprise grandparents with pregnancy news, here are some fun and unique ideas to try:

  1. A Coffee mug

Go to a store which is a pro in making personalized gifts. You can choose a pair of coffee mugs which are unique in shape. Get them printed with your dad and mom’s photograph and caption it with interesting one liners such as – “You will make a wonderful grandma this year” or “Best Grandpa/Grandma-to-be” or “You’re Promoted to Grandpa/Grandma” and many more.


  1. Twinning is a new way

Get t-shirts with some messages printed on it for the new grandparents along with a same small t-shirt for the newbie. Gift them this cute clothing and break the news by surprising them.


  1. Family Tree Greeting

Nothing beats a DIY greeting that showcases a family tree all decorated with party fervor and embellishments. Put everyone’s names on the tree and next to your parents’ names add the words Grand Dad-to-be and Grand Mom-to-be in the brackets. Also, include a spot for your peach-to-be and title it as ‘The World’s Best Baby’. Present the card to your parents with a box of sweets and let them figure it all out.


  1. Fridge magnets

Fridge magnets are a great way to share your pregnancy news with your parents. Get fridge magnets personalized with some adorable messages for the new grandparents and simply place them on their refrigerator at night or when you visit them. They will be stunned and surprised when they find out.


  1. Folding photo-frame

A folding photo-frame with some initial photos already set inside is a great way to share the news with the grandparents. Take a set of frame which has five frames in that. Put the grandparents’ photos and parents’ photos as well. Keep an empty space in the last one with a message on it saying “Coming soon..(Due Date)”. This is a great way to share the news with some nice photos, which can be stored later.


  1. Save the date invites

Make an invite saying “SAVE THE DATE” for the party to share the news. The invite needs to be unique, mention your due date and first sonogram in that to give a personal touch. Throw a party to your parents for your promotion in the family tree.


  1. Grand-parenting books

Break the good news with a Book. There are a number of books available in the market for grandparents. You can collect some 5 to 6 books related to grandparents with some good pictures and short stories to gift the new grandparents.


  1. Other first grandchild announcement ideas
  • Cute onesies with messages for grandparents
  • Blank scrapbook with your first sonogram picture with a message for the announcement
  • A video message
  • A box of cookies with a handwritten note for the announcement
  • A countdown calendar with the due date

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