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What is the price of the box?

Monthly boxes retail at 1999/- per month, quarterly and half yearly plans are also available.Subject to your choices you can save upto 70% on your box.

Do I have to pay for the products I choose?

No, you pay for the plan you choose. The products included in customization are for choice and have no additional effect to your final billing amount . The Monthly boxes retail at 1999/ and the 3 and 6 month plans are upfront payment options with additional benefits and savings on the same box.

Can I cancel my subscription? Am I eligible for a refund if I cancel my subscription mid-term?

Yes, you can. You can get in touch with us at …. to cancel your subscription at least 10 business days in advance in order to not receive the recurring box.

And, yes, you are eligible to a refund but in such a case you will be charged the entire amount based on the number of boxes you have received. For example- you take a 3 month plan and after your first box you decide to cancel, we will charge you with INR 1999 (original price) and the balance will be refunded. Please note that any discounts availed at the time of order will not be adjusted in refunds.

Do you offer returns/exchanges? What if I receive a damaged/broken product?

No, we do not accept any returns or exchanges request for the monthly boxes or add-ons shop unless specified otherwise(in case of size changes etc). Though none of the mama has ever received a damaged or broken product so far, if due to any reasons you receive one, get in touch with us with images at or 9953502522. We are always there to help.

What is a Select Member?

A select member is a mama who has subscribed for a 3/6 month plan with us to make her and the peach’s month better and enjoyable.She is entitled to select privileges and savings throughout her subscription and enjoys first access to product options every month until the plan expires. The membership and the privileges ends with the expiration of the subscription.

What are the add-ons?

Add-ons are exclusive and discounted products that are available for you to add in your box at surprisingly slashed prices. You can save up to 70% on the add-ons with the purchase of your box.Add-ons include some of our most-loved products from past boxes and some of our new fave things that you can include with your Box order You have to subscribe in order to select add-ons, and they are only available for a limited time(25TH-5TH) so jump on them before they all go out of stock! Add-ons are not eligible for any returns or exchanges unless damaged. Add-ons come along with your boxes and therefore, no extra shipping charges are levied.

Can I shop the add-ons at any time in the month?

You only get the privilege to shop the add-ons if you purchase a box or are a select member already. Add-ons are only available from 25th of a month to the 5th of the next month. For instance, the add-ons for the February box will be available from January 25 to February 5.

If I choose to gift a 3 or a 6 month subscription, will I have to come back every month to chose the products ?

That’s totally your call- we understand you want your gift to be perfect so you can always select the products for every box. You can even chose to give access to the recipient to chose for herself or leave it to us – it’s going to be awesome anyway.

How can I pay for the boxes?

We accept the following modes of payment :

• Credit cards – Mastercard, Visa and American Express
• Net Banking – all major banks
• Debit Carts – all major banks
• Wallets-Paytm
• Cash on Delivery:
All major International cards are also accepted

Will I have to pay extra shipping charges?

NO! Your subscription box is all you have to pay for. The shipping is on us.Anything you add from the “add ons” sale also is inclusive and has no extra shipping cost.

Can I add a personalized message with the box for the recipient?

Why not? Add a personalized touch to the gift box for the recipient and make them happier. You can also get it packaged in any of the special signature packaging available. Do not forget to leave your gift message in the order notes.