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Unicorn Cot Mobile


Let your little one dream magical dreams with this unicorn themed cot mobile. Completely handmade,…

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Buy kids hanging mobiles in India from Mama and Peaches!
Have you ever had those nights when your newborn just would not go to sleep, and with your little cub, you would also have to stay up? Or have you ever been in a situation when you just cannot keep your baby in a crib because they would always wake up in the middle of the night? Well, there is a silver lining to that impediment as Mama and Peaches are now selling crib mobile toys and cot mobile toys in India at a very reasonable price. Hang it over your baby’s crib and watch the little one fall instantly asleep by dreaming of things that would make them go to sleep in just a matter of time.
What type of crib-mobile toys does Mama and Peaches Company offer?
Mama and Peaches are offering a very unique and kid-friendly Unicorn Cot Mobile that is sure to make your baby think about unicorns and rainbows while going to sleep and having a peaceful one as well. The crib-mobile toys sold by Mama and Peaches also have stars and clouds along with hanging unicorns. Moreover, each object is attached to the wooden armature very neatly. Thus, they will not fall off under any circumstances. Not only that but, the toy is also regarded as a musical cot mobile toy as it plays a piece of soothing music.
One of the most exciting features of the unicorn-themed cot mobile toy is that you can also place your cell phone device on it. However, make sure that the mobiles are out of your child’s arm’s reach. What makes it the most value for money musical cot mobile toy is that the object can be bought on its own as a cot mobile-only or with an added music box and arm attachment for your baby’s crib as well. So, as you can see, you can even customize the product according to your needs and place it right above your baby’s nest or crib so that you both can have a good night’s sleep and wake up with all the energy in the world.
The overall size of the crib-mobile toys is 12.5″ x 12.5″ x 13,” and the unicorn is 5 inches in height. Moreover, when you feel that dirt has gathered on the musical cot-mobile toy, you easily spot clean it with a damp cloth. It will be squeaky clean as before. The crib-mobile toys can be bought for newborns to 2 years old babies, and there are a plethora of categories that you can choose from the Mama and Peaches website.
The color of the stars and unicorns are a combination of pink and white, meaning that it is perfect to be placed in a baby’s room as the cot mobile toy will enhance the interior of your baby’s room even more. The whole set is handmade in India. Thus, even buying the cot mobile-only will also help the local artisans of India who have made such a beautiful crib mobile toy with so much love and dedication. Finding such cot mobile and musical cot mobile in India online can become challenging, so look no further and visit Mama and Peaches’ website today to buy kids hanging mobiles in India today for the joy of your life.
Why choose Mama and Peaches?
You should only choose Mama and Peaches because their inventory is filled with myriad essential things when you have a baby or will have one pretty soon. Starting from toys to baby’s clothes and several other things for a new mommy are also available on their website. What makes Mama and Peaches even more unique is that all the products are made in India, and buying from them helps the local artists. The prices are at a very reasonable margin. Thus, they are bound to strike a chord with those looking for such stuff over the internet.

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