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5 in 1 Cleaning Brush Set


This set contains every cleaning brush you need to hygienically clean sippy cups, drink bottles,…

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The best dish care to disinfect utensils for your baby
The first thing that comes to your mind while using any utensil for the baby is maintaining hygiene. Find the right store for buying dish care for your baby. 
If you are stressing about where you can get the best dish care, visit Mama and Peaches’ online store. Get the product from our online portal and rest assured of the quality online.

Things to consider while buying dish care online

Get immersed in the joy of getting essentials for the little ones. Mama & Peaches sells dish care, which new mamas will prefer to buy. Moreover, they will do that even without asking a question. 
The set comprises cleaning brushes that you require to hygienically clean drinking bottles, Sippy cups, straws, and other difficult-to-reach places- all on one handy ring. You can clip the brushes in and out of the handy ring.

What’s in

There is an increasing demand for sanitizer, especially after the Covid 19 pandemic. 
Mama & Peaches cleaning brush set includes five types of brushes. They are a Sippy cup straw brush with a pointed, fine brush to clean valves plus small holes, a brush for Tritan drink bottle, a teat brush, an insulated drink bottle, and a bowl plus straw. 
It also has a brush for conventional cleaning plus a rim thread brush.
Reasons to buy dish care from Mama & Peaches!
Buying dish care online helps you get the best quality and offers. Mama & Peaches is a well-known store for selected baby products that are safe to use. is one of Australia’s most prominent baby brands. They have made themselves present across 2000 stores and 45 countries, including Australia. 
Being a parent is an exciting moment in life. However, at times it can be daunting too. 
Mama & Peaches provide you with every requirement you need while traveling with your baby, leaving your home. It is a challenge for new mamas to carry food storage when they start solids, and you need to feed them on the go. 
Our store and the brands we choose are unique. So are the design, aesthetics, and functionality. The brand approaches product design differently. They appreciate the input from parents, retailers, and of course, kids regarding their design process. Every baby product from this brand is functional and economical. The 5 in 1 cleaning brush set Online India is available for Rs 849/- from Mama and Peaches.
Care instruction 
Are you looking for the best dish care for your baby? Just go to the site of Mama and Peaches and see how this item is suitable for everyone’s needs. 
However, never wash directly in the sink because it may contain germs which will eventually contaminate the dishes. 
You can fill the washbasin with hot water and then add soap. Take a clean brush to scrub, which you keep aside only to clean infant feeding items. Squeezing water is essential when you clean nipple holes. Remember to clean them thoroughly.
We recommend you sterilize nipples and bottles in boiling water for 5 minutes before the first use. Sterilization is not mandatory every time you feed the little one. Make sure to choose the right set of brushes and dishwashers after every use.
Dishwashers do not apply to pacifiers as the cleaning agents may damage both the latex and silicone. As a result, it will become brittle. No matter what your need is, Mama & Peaches help you fulfill every need for your baby. Order dish care online from the online store of Mama and Peaches! 
We want you to celebrate every little joy of parenthood beautifully and endearingly.

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