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Showing all 10 results

Every new mama or mama-to-be needs a host of nutrients to keep her going all day long. This is a time that is also riddled with food cravings. That is why we have put together the choicest snacks and edible products that are not only healthy but extremely tasty as well. Goody bags packed with these healthy foods make for great gifts for expecting moms and new moms. The mama and peaches collection features refreshing teas, nutrient rich cookies and even traditional foods like amarnath clusters. They help mama recover faster and even give her that dose of nutrients that she needs to stay healthy while she takes care of her baby. Mama and Peaches assures you that you cannot find better gifts for expecting moms. These health foods show her that you care. They are also the most useful gift that you can pick up for her. After all, a day of running after the baby and taking care of her home will leave mama craving for treats.

                                 Edible Snacks 

Cheese spread on Pizza? Pickles? Ice-cream New tastes every day! Yummy Sweet Snacks!! If you are expecting a baby, you will likely have cravings that you might not have had before. You crave for a particular food, but you also want to try something sweet and spicy also at times. So ladies, Welcome to the world of pregnancy cravings! 

Cravings food includes junk food, fast food, and so on, which can harm the health of the Mommy to be and the baby which is inside her baby bump. Hence Eating Natural Edible Snacks during pregnancy and even after the pregnancy is one of the best things you should do for yourself and your tiny tots. These Edible Snacks optimize your little ones’ growth and development, safeguard your health, and fulfill your cravings.

It’s a big concern for a family or a hubby from where to get safe and healthy snacks for her daughter or wife as they have to get her favorite food as she is craving and also they have to take care of her health. 

So if you are looking for snacks that are delicious, yummy and healthy as well, then you are in the right place. At Mama and Peaches, you will find the best quality Edible Snacks for a mommy to be that will help fulfill all the cravings and keep you and your little heart healthy and safe. 

And guess what’s the amazing part, the snacks you will get here will be Organic Edible Snacks as no harmful preservatives have been added to it. And the Edible Oil used in it is also made up of organic and natural ingredients that are healthy for you and your little one..


Pregnancy is a duration when you suddenly get upset even though you are happy for a while. And sometimes you feel quite energetic, and sometimes you will be so tired that you can’t sit. When you feel tired, there is no other thing except tea that will make you feel energetic, and also pregnant women get cravings for tea due to the loss of iron from the body.

We are here with some unusual varieties of tea that tastes good and healthy as well.

  1. 1. Motherkind Pregnancy Tea

2.Motherkind Baby Lactation Tea

3.Tea for Acidity Relief

Besides tea, we also have this fantastic product, i.e., Organic lactation cookies-Protein(Groundnut + Moong), that support your pregnancy & breastfeeding journey with the vital nutrient – Folic Acid!

Another product is Mimmo Organics Nursewell Breastfeeding Supplement that Stimulates & supports lactation and healthy breastfeeding & increases milk supply.

It’s not possible not to have Snacks and Appetisers Archives in our Mama’s section because it’s her favorite as this food is quite delicious than the regular one. You will come across various Snacks and Appetisers Archives that will fulfill your cravings to the fullest and keep you healthy.

Hurry up ladies, No need to compromise on your dream food and cravings, go to the website and order all the delicious and healthy snacks and enjoy your motherhood.