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Every new mama or mama-to-be needs a host of nutrients to keep her going all day long. This is a time that is also riddled with food cravings. That is why we have put together the choicest snacks and edible products that are not only healthy but extremely tasty as well. Goody bags packed with these healthy foods make for great gifts for expecting moms and new moms. The mama and peaches collection features refreshing teas, nutrient rich cookies and even traditional foods like amarnath clusters. They help mama recover faster and even give her that dose of nutrients that she needs to stay healthy while she takes care of her baby. Mama and Peaches assures you that you cannot find better gifts for expecting moms. These health foods show her that you care. They are also the most useful gift that you can pick up for her. After all, a day of running after the baby and taking care of her home will leave mama craving for treats.