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Gift ideas for 1 year old baby girl

unique gifts for 1 yr old boy

Is your little girl almost turning one?

Or did you just get invited to a one year old’s birthday party?

We at Mama and Peaches understand that there is nothing harder than finding the perfect gift for a child of this age. You want to make sure that you don’t get a clichéd gift and at the same time want to be sure that the little princess will enjoy her gift.

Want to Gift a Loved Someone?




So, we put together a list of gift ideas for 1 year old baby girl India to give you more ideas. Let the gift hunting begin!


  • Princess castle tent- Every little girl deserves to be the princess of her own castle. These castles are extremely easy to pitch and come in great colours and designs. You can also add a bunch of stuffed toys who can be the royal subjects. The little one will feel like the princess that she has been hearing about in all the stories that you tell her.
  • Talking tea set– A tea set is something that every little girl must have. How about making it a little more than that. You can find heaps of talking tea sets that also teach the little one things like “Saying Please and Thank You”, simple rhymes and even numbers. These tea sets are a lot of fun and make great gifts for one year olds who love playing pretend n hosting tea parties for their dolls.
  • Silver Baby Bangle: This is a beautiful keepsake bangle that you can have customized as well. Baby bangles are specially designed with blunt edges to make sure that the little one can wear them without the fear of any bruises or scratches. These bangles can also have the name of the baby or a special message engraved on them.
  • Peek-a-boo soft toys: These animated soft toys are the new rage in the market. They are battery operated and can entertain the little one with hours of peek-a-boo. You can also find soft toys of kids favorite cartoon characters like Elmo or choose an animal that she loves the most.
  • Rag doll collection: This is a great 1st birthday gift idea for daughter. You can buy a collection of rag dolls that are theme based, too. Rag dolls are a classic gift for little girls and you can be sure that she will love them.
  • Squeeze blocks: This is an interesting take on the classic building blocks. The blocks are soft and squeezable. They make funny noises, too. These box are light and can even be carried around when the baby and the parents travel. These shapes have been designed to help the child learn different things like numbers and alphabets.
  • Bead Mazes: This is a great inclusion in the list of unique gifts for one year old. This is the age when the fine motor skills of the baby are developing fast. This wire and bead maze is not only entertaining but will also help the child become more dexterous. It helps build the child’s ability to focus and concentrate while making sure that she is having a great time.
  • Instrumental lullabies collection: When it comes to bedtime, there is nothing better than a soothing lullaby for the little one. You can choose from a range of different collections available in stores. Even better, make a compilation of your own favorites and gift them to the baby. Of course, mom and dad will love this gift too. It will make bed time so much more relaxing and fun for the whole family.
  • Baby headband collection: The best thing about having a little girl is that playing dress up never ends. Cloth headbands are comfortable for the baby and look extremely adorable. You can buy a whole collection in different colors and patterns to go with every outfit that you pick for your baby girl.
  • Baby shopping cart: Shopping carts and little girls seem to go hand in hand. She will love to imitate mommy at the grocery store by lugging her shopping cart around. You can take this shopping cart with you the next time you head out to the store and can enjoy watching her pretend to be the grown up.


Mama and Peaches subscription boxes make great gifts for any occasion. The best part is that they have something for both mom and the baby. Mama and Peaches includes products from some of the best and most reliable brands in baby products. Each product is handpicked and is guaranteed to be completely safe to use.


You can choose from monthly, quarterly and annual packages. Each month you will receive a package of goodies worth Rs.3999. What makes it more valuable is that these boxes are designed according to special monthly themes that will surely bring a smile to your face.  

Want to Gift a Loved Someone?



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