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Gifts For 7 Month Old Girl Online India

Gifts for 7 month old girl

At 7 months, your little girl is at a delightful age. She is able to crawl around, stand up with some support and is a lot more responsive to toys. This makes buying gifts for your little girl a wonderful experience as there is so much for you to choose from:

    • Musical Learning table: This is a great gift to help your baby develop necessary skills. She can use this toy as an aid to stand up and will also stay entertained with the musical keys, lights and sounds that are produced by the table top. Some of them even come with a scribble area that is extremely fun for the baby to use.
    • Tumble Toys: At this age, your toddler is crawling and exploring the world around her. Tumble toys make the perfect choice as they are easy for the baby to move along as she crawls. They also produce delightful sounds that will make your baby coo with glee each time. This is one of the best options to keep your baby entertained while you finish chores around the house.  
    • Knee high anti slip sock sets: Knee high socks are the perfect accessory for all the cute skirts and frocks in your baby’s wardrobe. They come in a variety of colors and designs that you can match with your baby’s outfits perfectly. The anti-slip sole of these socks also make sure that your baby is safe when she tries to stand up.
    • Plush Toy Rattles: Little girls have always been known to love plush toys. Add a rattle to it and you have the ideal toy that she will not only take with her everywhere but will also stay entertained for hours with.
    • Baby Phone: Babies love to mimic their parents. And, it is no wonder that she loves to imitate mom or dad on the phone. These baby phones come with buttons that produce interesting sounds and music that she will love. Some also come with fancy colors and lights that she will love to gaze at while she pretends to talk on the phone with adorable gurgles and coos.
    • Bead Maze: This is the development stage around which babies develop the pinch grip. A bead maze is the perfect toy to help your little one develop this skill. They come with colorful beads that move along a metal maze.


  • Kiddie Drum Kit: This is a great tool to help your child develop good eye-hand coordination. It is also a great way to burn some energy off your little one. And, who knows, you could discover a hidden musical talent in your precious little girl.



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