How to Deal With Baby Flu

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How to deal with baby flu

Have you ever been caught off guard with your little one waking up with a runny nose, body ache, and fever? Do you wonder weather it is a regular cold or the flu? It is easy to get confused because both of them are caused by viruses and have similar symptoms. However, one must know how to deal with baby flu before the symptoms gets worse.

Flu is an infection of the nose, lungs, and the throat, caused by the influenza virus. Flu infections are usually common in India in the months of October to May.

Protecting your Baby from Pollution

It is flu when all the symptoms rise suddenly and cause a lot of discomfort. Babies are more prone to have vomiting and diarrhea when it is flu. With the onset of winters chances of flu increase.

Tips to Deal With Baby Flu


  • Manage the flu symptoms


The best way to manage flu symptoms is by taking your little one to the doctor immediately and getting the required medicine. Usually a mild medicine is prescribed, to ease the discomfort, bring down the fever, and reduce aches and pains. In case, the baby has a bad cough then the doctor might suggest a cough syrup as well. It is important to keep the baby well hydrated and increase his fluid intake.



  • Know when to call the doctor


Flu often takes a week or so to be cured completely. During this time, you must monitor any changes very closely and call the doctor immediately if needed. If your baby experiences breathlessness, vomiting, pale skin, drowsiness, persistent cough and high fever, you need to urgently call your doctor.  



  • Keep your baby close


Always make sure that you keep your baby close and warm during the winters since this is the time when there are more chances to catch flu. Keep your baby away from people who are sneezing and coughing. Always when going out, make sure you wrap your baby and keep the little one safe and protected with caps, mittens, and socks.



  • Know about the vaccines


The babies above six months needs to get their shot of flu vaccine as per their schedule so that influenza flu can be prevented. It is very important that moms and mom-to-be also get their shots for flu as it helps to pass on the antibodies to the fetus, which in turn last for six months after birth.



  • Boost the immunity


Breastfeed is the healthiest for the babies and hence it is vital that we keep feeding the baby with breast milk from time to time in order to boost the immunity of the baby. Severe cold and throat infections are reduced by 63 percent in infants who breastfeed exclusively for the first six months and studies have shown this. Also, babies who are nursed exclusively are less likely to fall sick since their immunity is stronger when compared to formula fed babies.

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  • Hygiene


Practice hygiene to keep your baby healthy and clean. Make sure you always keep a set of sanitized wet wipes handy so that you can use them on and off if there is any need. Also, make sure that you use disinfectants and cleaners to mop the floor and keep it safe for your child to play and crawl. People around the baby also need to be tidy and hygienic to avoid any infections for the baby.


Symptoms of Flu In Babies

  • Pale bluish skin
  • Fast breathing
  • Not drinking enough fluids
  • Persistent vomiting
  • Drowsiness
  • Sore throat
  • High fever
  • Cough and running nose
  • Fatigue and body aches


Medicines will not prevent the flu completely but they can help to ease the symptoms of cold, cough and body aches. The flu will usually complete its course for a week and then it vanishes with time. It is just that you need to try and protect your baby and take certain precautions to prevent the infection for worsening.

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