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How To Make Your Own Post-Partum Recovery Kit

By February 1, 2019Blog, Motherhood, Natural

While your pregnancy ends with your little one in your arms and a smile on your face, it is not always necessary that the discomfort ends there too. Infact, for weeks after delivery new mums are found feeling uncomfortable due to multiple reasons.


In order to ensure that you have the best recovery post partum, here are a few things that are a must-have in every mama’s post partum recovery kit.


#1. Disposable undies

These are a must-have and most used item from any woman’s post-partum recovery kit. It is normal for one to bleed for about six weeks after delivery. The bleeding might be heavy initially and would become less intense with time. While the traditional option is to use pads, it is even better if you get some disposable underwear for yourself. These are thicker in cushioning, do not bunch up under heavy flow, and have a wider base. The use and throw undies do away with the hassle of washing stained garments when you might just focus on the baby.


#2. Postpartum Belly Band

It is normal to have a swollen belly after childbirth. However, in order to help your uterus and loose abdominal muscles to return to normal it is important to use bellybands or belly binders. These are easy to wrap around the abdomen and offer immediate relief from back pain. These also help correct the posture and secure the midsection. There are a lot of designs and styles to pick from.


#3. Tender breast soothers

After a surge of hormones and the stress of delivery, it is normal for your breasts to feel sore and tender even if you have not started nursing yet. Opt for gel pads to soothe postpartum breasts. These coupled with nipple shields, nipple creams, and ointments really work after childbirth and during breastfeeding. Make sure you ask your doctor for what product to use.


#4. Essentials to deal with hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids are very common during pregnancy or after childbirth. They can be extremely discomforting coupled with the stitches. Therefore, make sure that you have a pack of medicated wipes in your post-partum recovery kit. These wipes help keep the area clean, disinfected and irritation free. They also contain anti-inflammatory ingredients that help offer immediate relief. You can also opt for medicated cooling pads with natural ingredients that act as a soothing application to relieve hemorrhoid discomfort. In addition, keep your water intake high and never push too hard while passing stool as this may worsen the condition. Taking medication for constipation might help.


#5. Sitz bath for a tender vagina

It is normal for your vagina to feel tender and sore after a normal delivery or an attempt at one. Opt for a Sitz bath tub to ease off the swelling, pain, and itchiness in the area. A Sitz tub can be easily placed on your toilet seat. Fill it with warm water and immerse your sore parts by sitting in it. You may add some coconut oil, lavender oil, or any antiseptic suggested by your doctor.


#6. High waist undies

You must buy a couple of high waist undies for better post partum recovery. They are great for moms who have had a C-section. Being high-waist they do not rub against the abdominal stitches. Even for women with vaginal delivery, these are great to keep your abdomen secure and compact making recovery faster.


#7. Feeding pillow

Breastfeeding can be very uncomfortable just after delivery. Your vaginal or abdominal stitches may make it difficult to sit upright and feed the little one. Make sure you have a Feeding or nursing pillow to help you. These are like neck pillows, but a little larger. Opt for the squishier ones as they can be slid along your side easily for great support to the belly and the back.

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