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How You Know You Are Ready To Stop Breast Feeding

By August 21, 2018Blog, Breastfeeding
Ready to stop breastfeeding

The decision to stop breast-feeding is extremely hard for most moms. For some it even feels like they are missing an extremely special bond with their little one.

You can never really go by the age of your child. Instead, you can look for some signs that tell you that you are probably ready to stop nursing.

  • Your baby is able to eat enough solid foods: You can start feeding your child with solid foods around the 7th month. From then on, you can slowly start to replace your breast milk with formula. When the child is over 12 months old, they can get all the nutrients that they need from solid food alone.
  • The child becomes demanding: If your child is old enough to ask you to nurse him or her, it is probably a good time to start weaning. This can be a major inconvenience when you are outdoors on a picnic or a playdate.
  • Your nipples are too sore: Breast feeding can cause a lot of soreness even in the beginning. For many moms, this can be quite painful. So with the teeth coming in after a certain age, you will find yourself in more physical pain. It is a good idea to switch to the bottle when this begins to happen.
  • Your child is not interested in nursing anymore: It is true that children tend to look around when nursing. However, when they lose interest in it, they will look around and even latch off from the breast frequently. They may just stop feeding to reach out for a nearby toy and just begin to play or if the child is old enough to talk, they may prefer to have a conversation with you instead of feeding.
  • You are just not able to keep up: If you feel like breast feeding is consuming a lot of your time, you can begin to wean your child. If it is leaving you exhausted all the time, it is better to stop gradually. That way, you will actually be able to devote more time to actually being there with your child.
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