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Importance Of Burping Your Baby

Burping a baby


Why do the babies burp? Is burping so important for a baby after feeding?

Actually, the air that your baby takes in when feeding can interfere with his/her digestive system and cause many problems. One of the reasons for the babies to be colic or have stomach aches is actually the excess air that is trapped inside and hence it is very vital for the baby to burp. That is why after every feed it is important to pick the baby up and make him/her burp.

The important reasons why babies need to burp are as follows:


  • Swallowing air


While babies drink or suck milk from a bottle or breastfeed, they also inhale some air. This goes into their stomach and causes discomfort, making the baby colicky. This air trapped inside prevents milk from being digested properly and hence burping is essential.



  • Digestion


The quality of breast milk is influenced by the foods that the mother has consumed. The breakdown of milk in the large intestine by bacteria can create gas in the child’s stomach. That is why burping the baby is required to move that gas and ensure that the baby is comfortable.



  • Allergies


Allergies or food intolerance is one of the major reasons for stomach pain and indigestion in babies. If a baby is breastfeeding and the mother eats something, which the baby is allergic to it may lead to gas and discomfort in the baby’s stomach. Burping helps in this case to provide immediate relief from discomfort. Although incase of allergies medical attention is necessary.


How to burp a baby?

Here are some methods, which will help you burp your baby:


  • Placing the baby on your lap


The most common way to burp a baby is to lay the baby, tummy down, on your lap. Hold with one hand as support and use the other to pat the back of the baby gently, until she burps.



  • Over the Shoulder


Take your baby over your shoulder in a manner that her tummy is pressed against your shoulder. Hold her with one hand and pat her back almost strikingly from top to bottom, gently with the other hand. Make sure that the head and the body of the baby remains properly supported. You can try this same method by holding the baby against your chest as well.

Burping is usually continued for the first year or so. However, for the first six months make sure you hold the baby upright after feeds for at least 10 to 15 minutes, allowing the milk to settle in. Mid feed burping too is advisable if a baby stops feeding and appears uncomfortable.

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