Importance Of Outdoor Play Time For Babies And Toddlers

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Taking your babies and toddlers outside to play or just for a walk is always fun and also healthy. Whether you take your newborn in a pram for a walk or you take your toddlers to play-areas, parks, or play-dates, it is refreshing for both mum and the baby.

Being outside is an exciting sensory experience for kids. They enjoy the exciting visuals and there is a desire to explore even more. Here is how outdoor time benefits babies and toddlers.

Importance Of Outdoor Play Time For Babies And Toddlers


  • Encourages a healthy Lifestyle


Going outdoors whether it is a walk or a playtime helps children remain active and healthy. As they play, they burn more energy, their metabolism improves, and children feel hungry. Playtime is necessary to improve eating habits and sleep routines of children.



  • Social Interaction


By taking your babies or toddlers out you give them an opportunity to meet new people and form associations. Also as parents we meet many new people with whom we can socialize and spend some good time. Our feel good factors rubs onto the kids as well, making it an overall positive experience for everyone.



  • Connect with nature


Being outdoors helps babies and toddlers connect with nature. They become aware of their surroundings, the trees, birds, flowers etc. Not only does it spark curiosity but also presents you with the opportunity to initiate learning in a playful environment. Park time helps kids learn to appreciate and care for nature. Even babies love their time out and make it a part of their everyday routine.



  • Helps your baby to sleep better


A study shows that the babies, who play outdoor or go for a walk to get fresh air and sunshine during daytime, tend to enjoy a sound sleep as compared to their counterparts. This helps in building a healthy lifestyle.



  • Self-Awareness


When outdoors toddlers are more aware of their surroundings and themselves. They learn to do small tasks on their own; thus becoming independent and confident. It also helps them build them self-confidence and self-esteem. The child tends to take risks and gets to understand his/her abilities.



  • Develops Motor skills and strong muscles


Playing outside helps develop cognitive and motor skills in children. It also helps in brain development and builds strong muscles. Playing outside also encourages creative thinking and imaginative play.


Outdoor play helps children become healthy, happy, and strong. Therefore, it is vital to encourage kids to spend time outdoors everyday.

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