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Megan Markle Flaunting Baby Bump? Not Necessarily!

By February 11, 2019Blog
Meghan Markle flaunting her baby bump

The Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry are expecting! and the news has filled many a hearts with love and wishes for the two. Recently the mom-to-be was spotted at a couple of events cradling her bump while conducting her routine talks. The photographs drew headlines suggesting that Markle was showing off her baby bump! An assumption that needs to be re-thought in many ways.


It compels one to wonder why a phenomenon as normal as getting pregnant and having a belly that is bound to grow every month is drawn out of proportion to sound as if it is something one needs to flaunt simply because it is growing the way it is.


The fact is that neither Markle, nor any other pregnant woman actually intends to flaunt what is a natural aspect of getting pregnant. Her belly is simply a part of her and out there for everyone to see. Cradling a pregnant belly is a very natural, protective, and normal act many women engage in throughout the day at many different occasions.


Is it not then strange to draw attention to it and make it a big deal every time we see a pregnant woman go about her everyday life in the usual manner?


Megan is of course pregnant, happy, and excited about it. Nevertheless, is she really flaunting her belly? Well not quite. She is simply being a normal and proud mama-to-be who looks even more wonderful than before.

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