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MOther's day history

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Ever wondered how thisholiday came about? Of course, every mom deserves to have a whole day to herself where she is pampered by the rest of the

However, the history behind this day is rather interesting and explains how people have been celebrating motherhood for centuries even before this day was declared. The earliest instance of celebrating motherhood is traced back to the Greek. They honored the mothers of their Gods on a very special day during their spring festival  every year.

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The Romans celebrated a similar day called ‘Hilaria’ which they dedicated to the Mother Goddess. This celebration  was quite extravagant with parades, games, and even masquerades. Christians all over the world also pay their respect to the Virgin Maryand offer her flowers and gifts as a way of celebrating Mother’s Day.

In India, and in most countries across the globe, this day iscelebrated on the second Sunday of May. Anna Jarvis founded it in the year 1912. Interestingly, she never had any children of her own. However, her mother inspired her tremendously and she decided to suggest a day when mothers all over the world are honored.

The spelling was deliberately kept singular, which means that it is spelt as “Mother’s Day” and not “Mothers’ Day”. The reason behind this is that every mom should be celebrated and honored by her
own family.

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