We work with passion

We are Tanya and Varun Ghai, parents to baby Ada and the creators of Mama & Peaches. Pregnancy is hard! And having babies even tougher!! From countless midnight nursing sessions to endless Q&A with other mom friends, we explored and learnt so much and wanted to share great products and experiences with all the busy mamas out there. After many cups of tea, countless diaper changes and baby snuggles, Mama & Peaches was born!
Mamas let all the hard work and sleepless nights overwhelm them and forget to enjoy this wonderful journey. Our monthly subscription box is a  reminder to all moms that they need to have more fun! You need it girl!

At Mama & Peaches we curate products that support healthy and joyful lifestyle choices for  both mama and baby and celebrates the fabulous spirit of womanhood. We have been fortunate to share our story with you and thank you for letting us be a part of your journey and remind you something important. Dear mama, when you are busy taking care of everything else, we are here to take care of you!