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Party Ideas for Mother’s Day

Party ideas for moms

Mother’s Day is soon approaching. Want to make this day memorable for mommy? How about throwing a fun party in her honor. After all, this is the day when you celebrate all the wonderful things that mom does for the family.

Here are some party ideas that will make this day special for her and will also give you a chance to spend a whole day with the family. Mother’s Day Garden Tea Party A whole day of gardening is just the perfect way to get your hands
dirty and do something super fun with mom. You can buy gardening tools, seeds and saplings and plant them around the garden while you enjoy some great food and music.

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The best thing is that you can enjoy this a long time after Mother’s Day is over. You get to take care of the plants and flowers that you planted with mom and watch them blossom.

Decorations: Bring out the most colorful pots and pot holders and arrange them around the garden. To make it more exciting, you can even make a special Mother’s Day Banner by painting letters on large leaves and stringing them together. A beautiful table arrangement with mom’s favorite snacks and sweets is the perfect way to set the mood.

Food: A garden tea party is incomplete without tea. You can pick up different flavors of tea to make this more exciting. Finger foods like fries, cookies and mini-sandwiches are perfect for this kind of party. Of course, you need gallons of refreshing fruit juices or milkshakes to keep you going.

Mother’s Day Spa Party – Moms need one thing more than anything else. They just need to relax and forget about the several things that they have going on around the house. A great way to do this is to throw a spa party. Some spas offer these party packages. You also have the option of hiring beauticians for a day to make this happen.

A good massage for mom and dad, some nail art for the little ones or even some stylish hairdos for the whole family can really be relaxing.

Decoration: You will need loads of colorful cushions for this party. Colorful and scented candles just add to the ambience. There is nothing more relaxing than flower decorations that you can have made with her favorite flowers. Have a special ribbon curtain with a Mother’s Day Banner to remind her that this is her day.

Food: A variety of refreshing juices are perfect for a spa themed party. You can also pour her a glass of her favorite wine while she is pampered. Rich chocolate pastries and cupcakes set the theme perfectly.

Mother’s Day Game Night
What an excuse to bring the whole family together? This is a fun part for kids and adults alike. Bring out some of your family’s favorite board games. You can also look for fun game ideas with household objects like cups and plates. Of course, you need to have a grand prize for the winner.

Decoration: This is a very casual theme so the decoration should match that. Some balloons and ribbon are perfect. You can also use balloon letters to make the Mother’s Day Banner for this party. Set up a large table with chairs around it for you to sit around and enjoy these games.

Food: Quiches, chicken wings, chips and dip, fries, pizza and miniburgers are just what you need for this party. Top it with some refreshing soda or milkshakes. Of course, you cannot forget the rich, double layered Mother’s Day chocolate cake.

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