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Practical Holiday Gifts Under 2000/- For Pregnant Women

Gifts for baby first holiday

Looking for a great gift for a mom to be under a fixed budget? You want to make sure that you find something that is meaningful but does not burn a hole in your pocket, considering how expensive the holiday season can get. Here are some gifts under Rs.2000 that she will absolutely love.

  • Pregnancy Planner and Journal: The best gift for a mom is to record every moment of her pregnancy. You can find special pregnancy planners and journals for her. You also have the option of getting her “Letters to My Baby” by Mama and Peaches that allows her to pen down all her thoughts perfectly.


  • Compression socks: It is getting colder with each passing day during the holidays. So a compression socks set is the ideal gift for her. Not only will they keep her warm but can also prevent aches and pains and common pregnancy issues like spider veins. These compression socks help keep the muscles tight while improving circulation at the same time.


  • Pregnancy Gift Box: A subscription box by Mama and Peach or a gift box with essentials like bath salts, beauty product and a Porcupine Glass Bottle from the Mama and Peach Gift Shop will keep her feeling rejuvenated and healthy.  


  • Recipe Books: A collection of different recipe books with puree ideas for her baby to be or healthy food recipes to support the needs of the growing baby is perfect for the holiday season. If you want to add a fun twist to this, you can also choose a book like “Pregatinni” which contains an assortment of mock tails for pregnant women that she can prepare to throw the perfect party this holiday season.


  • Belly painting kit: Give her something fun to do when she is just lounging around and trying to kill some time. These belly painting kits come with special paints that are safe for the baby. You also have a set of brushes as well as tattoos and stencils that she can use to make some interesting patterns on her baby bump.


  • Bath Salts: A collection of organic bath salts is perfect for mom to be. Her aching muscles will receive all the relaxation and rejuvenation that they need after a good soak. Look for special fragrances that will keep her relaxed. Options like lavender are ideal for pregnant women as they even induce better sleep.


  • Maternity Pajama Set: A comfortable flannel pajama set. Well, why not! After all, the holiday season is the time to laze around the house and eat your favorite treats. How about doing it in a comfortable pair of pajamas that you handpicked for her.


  • Gift coupons: If you are confused about what gift to get her, you cannot go wrong with coupons. They are perfect as you can choose depending upon what you think she may want. They are also perfect when you are under a budget. Gift coupons to spas, maternity wear stores, baby care stores or even a fitness club are ideal for moms to be.

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