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Onesie for Baby Girl

Allow your cutie pie to stay comfortable all day long with Mama and Peaches Baby Girl Onesies!

Whenever we’re discussing about newborns clothes, the most common clothing choice for kids includes onesies baby, bodysuits, baby rompers pyjamas, etc. 

For most of the parents, all these apparels for babies are the same but indeed, they aren’t the same; they’re different. So, onesies will always be onesie and it cannot be a romper or bodysuit. 

In this post, Mama and Peaches team has made an effort to accentuate the difference between all these types of baby clothes, which are added to every little one’s wardrobe. Therefore, keep reading to understand how each of the above clothing piece is different so you can make the better choice for your sweet baby girl or boy when you buy Onesies, Rompers for Babies next time! 


A romper is one-piece clothing that is usually worn by newborns and toddlers. Rompers are designed for kid’s comfort throughout the day, even when it’s time for a diaper change. They come with different kinds of closure on the legs that allows for easy change of diapers without undressing your baby. Simply unzip or unbutton the closure to make them wear a new diaper. Generally, rompers come with long sleeves and legs to maintain a high degree of comfort and protection. You will find this apparel appropriate both when your kid is home or when you take him/her out at any time of the day. 

At Mama and Peaches, rompers can be found in different patterns & prints that will add to the style of your little baby girl or boy. From design to material quality, everything is up to the mark to impress both mama & her peach. 


A bodysuit is another comfortable clothing pieces for little ones that covers their entire body for ensuring protection. They are designed keeping in mind the comfort factor of the child owing to the fact that they are generally used as their sleepwear. Most of the bodysuits come with a fitted yet comfortable style to ensure cosiness. Irrespective of the season of the year, these baby bodysuits are the best choice for infants at nigh time. 

Our baby apparel collection includes stunning bodysuits that will not just upscale the style quotient of your child but also keep him/her comfortable throughout the time they have this clothing on their body. 


Onesies for babies are loose-fit clothing pieces for infants that offer coverage to his/her torso. Kids are made to wear onesies so that the diaper can be concealed and they get a smart look.  Apart from being comfortable sleepwear for little ones, it’s also a creeper or a diaper shirt. Usually, they feature a shirt-like style that flows beyond the waist and has buttons or snaps for closure over the crotch for a convenient nappy change. 

Shop for onesies for baby girl or boy from Mama and Peaches as there are a wide range of onesie designs, styles, and sizes. We have the most affordable onesies for babies India.


Pyjamas are lowers for babies and even for people of all age groups as they are the most comfortable and convenient apparel when you want to go to your bed or don’t feel like dressing up well. Pyjamas for babies feature an elastic waist and visually appealing designs and prints on both the legs. They can be paired with T-shirts any other type of top-wear for completing the look. 

Mama and Peaches know that pyjamas are another important piece of clothing in the babies’ wardrobes, therefore, we’ve included some of the best designs in our collection. 


At our store, you will come across countless styles of rompers, bodysuits, pyjamas, and onesies for girls and boys at an affordable price. We know that comfort is the main priority for parents for their kids so, we have taken care of their needs in the best possible way. Additionally, there is no compromise on the look of these baby clothes.

Mama  And Peaches Baby Diapers    

The most important task for new parents is to find out the best Baby diapers for newborn. While doing this research the one thing that should be kept in mind is that the Baby diapers must be very soft and skin friendly. A rash-free diaper is always welcomed by the parents as they don’t harm the skin even if they are worn for a long period of time. Hence, we can say that the diapers must be good enough to keep the skin dry. For this worry, we have introduced the cloth diapers in this category. These cloth nappies will be the best to choose among the many.

Importance of Baby Diapers

Diaper is something which has become a must to carry while stepping out for leisure or visiting friend’s or relative’s place. Even an experienced parent can’t predict the potty or loo time of the kiddos. Little ones tend to keep the waste out of the body after almost every meal. So, it is really advisable to make them wear diapers in order to keep their clothes away from being dirty.

Variants Of Baby Diapers

Now-a-days diapers are not limited only to the use and throw ones. There are varieties of diapers which are according to the trend of the market. For you parents, the good news is that Mama and Peaches is also flooded with a vast collection of Diapers for Newborn which are available in various colors and prints as well. We promise you the long-lasting dryness, comfort and protection against delicate skin for your angelface in all the options that are obtainable from our online store.

Versions at Mama and Peaches

All-In-One Diapers

When you get associated with Mama and Peaches, you can always Buy Diapers for Newborn Online anytime and from anywhere in the world.. The All-In-One diaper of Bumpadum Neo Putani is the latest attraction among the parents. Their extensive availability in diverse and vibrant colors and prints is enticing the crowd. The variants are also given fancy names like Torana, Amsterdam, Shiny disco and many more. And yes how can we forget the reusable diapers which you can use repeatedly. These are made from the cotton which is organic in form and hence they are given one more name which is organic cotton diapers.

Diaper Covers

So now when you have already purchased diapers, it is very important to keep them covered as well. For that, the all new Diaper Cover is also at your fingertips. Diaper covers will help you to keep the clothing of your baby dry when you opt for cloth based diapers. Hence you don’t need to worry while choosing cloth diapers. In  this classification also Bumberry diaper cover will give you relaxation by offering various charming colors like white, rose pink, red, scarlet, and many more with stylish depictions like trees, white flowers on blue, purple flowers and the list goes on.

Pocket Friendly Diapers

Why to carry a whole packed bag if you are going out for a very short period of time when you can keep a single diaper in your pocket. I think this must be the only thought behind the conception of Pocket Diapers. The craze for Pocket Diapers has increased in sometime as they are easy to carry and keep in our small sized bags. Mama and Peaches is also very well aware of this need of yours. So, it has come up with pocket diapers as well and that too in many color combinations. 

Reusable Potty Training Pants

As your child grows up he/she might resist wearing diapers so we have a solution for this problem also. The whole new stock of Bumpadum Pull-up Waterproof Reusable Potty Training Pant will be a great aid in keeping them clean. Like the above mentioned diapers and diaper covers, these can also be obtained in many choices namely Starry Night, Lapland and so on. One more advantage of this amazing product is that it can be reused for the next time also. 

With this wide range of Newborn Diapers and Wipes Mama and Peaches is all set to welcome you to the online Baby Diapers Store. So, mommies and daddies of cutie pies hurry up!! And grab the notable opportunity