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Visit Mama and Peaches to buy nursing products online: 

We always want to be the super mother who will manage all household and workplace chores and the baby, on the other hand, effectively. However, it is pretty hard to manage everything, and that is too single-handed. 

Not to worry! Mama and Peaches will arrange and serve you based on your needs and requirements. You have to act smartly and deliver your duties accordingly. We have provided a wide range of nursing products from our end at your doorstep. Here is just a glimpse of our products for your better understanding.

Nursing Pillow– This can be used by the mothers who have given birth to their babies for the first time. Its main motto is to maintain ergonomic position and provide back pain relief to first-time mothers suffering from long hours of breastfeeding. This is one of the organic products which can be used when babies learn to sit other than breastfeeding. In particular, it will help you to support your baby by lifting them to the level of your breast. 

Diaper bag- Hand block printed on Jaipur cotton diaper bags are available for you. Neutral colors with various prints on the bags are one of the organic nursing products for little munchkins. You have to carry so many things with you for the little kid. A lot of space is provided to keep all the kind of stuff which you need for them. A detachable organizer is present inside the bag, which is waterproof and washable. Backpack Diaper bags can be purchased by you to give a stylish look in society. 

Diapers- A set of biodegradable diapers are available from our end for you, which is super absorbent and skin-friendly for a baby’s sensitive skin. We assure you that you will not face any skin allergies as these organic nursing pads are made of natural aloe vera line and safe glue suitable for babies. It contains perforated bamboo fiber, which allows fresh air to circulate and wicks up the moisture level inside the diapers. These can be used for babies who weigh from 6kg to 10kg.

If you want to buy baby organic nursing products, you can purchase reusable cloth diapers. They are super soft and absorbent when it comes to locking skin moisture. It can be used for babies of all sizes and during their days of growth and development. The colors are also neutral to give a minimal outlook.

Ring Sling: A baby ring sling is a natural mom’s product that will be there to keep your hands free when you have so many things to do. On the one hand, you will keep the baby with you, while on the other side your work will be done perfectly without any hustle. You will be able to adjust it from your end. It is purely made up of 100% cotton. It will help to keep your kid right at the front of your chest with utmost care and affection. It can be used right from three months of your baby’s age to two years. 

Buckle Carrier: Buckle Carrier can be chosen by the new generation of parents for hassle-free living. It is prepared by the Soul in Bangalore, India. Due to organic cotton fiber, this natural mom’s product is feasible to use with adjustable front and back-end positions. This product is primarily famous for its uniqueness and also highlighting its natural beauty.

Baby cutlery set- To develop any skill, the mothers need to introduce their babies to it. That’s why we need cutleries like spoons, bowls, and plates. They will be able to acquire skills with experience from six months of age. Children usually get attracted to bright colors. So, we have chosen colors like red, pink, yellow, etc., for the babies. This Modern design set will help you to clean and wash them comfortably.

Baby stroller- It is one of the nursing products which is in demand nowadays in the market. You can use it wherever you want. Sleek designs with modern features will help you to undergo any activity without any issue. Standard and lightweight strollers will help you to enjoy your parenting experience to the fullest.

Baby carry nests- Baby carry nests are feasible to use for the smooth experience of parenthood. This soft cotton-based item will keep your baby warm, safe, and comfortable. It can be used as a sleeping bag in the pram or as a seat liner in a car. This is prepared according to the standards provided by the respective international associations. These

baby, organic products come in neutral colors in our shop. 

You can simply wash it in a machine according to your convenience.

Innovative Design Feeding Bottles- Bottle feeding can become quite simple if you chose feeding bottles that come with innovative designs. Its wide neck design will help you to clean them easily. There is no tension of leakage as it is designed smartly to prevent colic.

To buy nursing products online, new moms can directly place an order via WhatsApp. Mama and Peaches are there for delivering the Natural Moms Products to your doorstep along with happiness.