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Choose Natural Baby Bathtime Products for Sensitive Skin Of Your Little One

Your baby’s skin is soft and way more sensitive than an adult’s. This probably worries you while you buy baby bath time products. It is always best to use skincare products that are specified for babies and gentle on their skin. They moisturize the skin without being harsh so that there are zero chances of rashes and dryness. You might also check the pH balance of the items you are buying for your cuties. Thus, you may find it’s challenging to purchase perfect body wash and skin care products for your baby. Mama and Peaches are here for you. 

Skincare products:

We know that mamas only choose the best for their babies, and hence we select the best ones for you. Mama and Peaches website has a wide range of skincare and daily use products for your little bean. You cannot use soaps on the gentle skin of your baby. Instead, you can get an eco-friendly body and hair wash for your baby. Our Bambo Nature Hair & body wash is dermatologically tested and has no chemicals like color or perfume. It is friendly for their soft skin and scalp. At the same time, no sting in the eyes. Hence, the bath time of your baby is going to be filled with giggles and playful splashes. 

Lotions and body oils:

The skin care of your baby is incomplete without body lotions and essential oils. Mama and Peaches website bring you dermatologically tested baby bath time products. You can buy Bambo Nature body lotion, which is vegan and has 23% lipids. The natural soothing skin has 38% lipid, which keeps the sensitive skin of your baby soft. These products are non-artificial and have no artificial cream and perfume. The bathing oil is essential to keep their skin soft and rash-free. 

Massaging your baby with natural oils is beneficial for their growth. While buying baby oils, it is better to look for the ones with no adulteration and without any added color or perfume. Mama and Peaches offer natural oils which are safe for the sensitive and soft skin of your baby. The walnut oil is made by the cold-press process. Moreover, they are unfiltered to retain minerals and vitamins. It is gentle to their skin and strengthens the bones of your little one. If you are looking for a remedy for your post-pregnancy stretch marks, you can buy almond oil which is also great as a massage oil for your baby. 

Natural products for rash-free skin:

You may have noticed that the diaper rashes are making your baby irritated. They even take time to go away. Say no more to those rashes! You can also buy baby skincare products, including natural diaper rash cream, from our website. They are made of natural products and soothes their soft skin. 

The babies may also get rashes due to the wipes. You can get paraben, chlorine, and alcohol-free wipes from Mama and Peaches website. 

They are non-fragrant and soft on the baby’s skin. Therefore, they leave no rashes. 


When you try to feed fruits to your baby, they may make a fuss and get juice all over themselves and probably end up spilling all of it. Let’s make it fun! You can pick cute nibblers for your sweetie for feeding them fruits and vegetables. Your little munchkin will get the vitamins from the fruits and veggies without even realizing it. Hence, no chance of spilling any more. 

Mama and Peaches website have all the essential products you need for your baby, from baby nail clippers to bottle washers. You must check our website to have a look at our collection. Planning to buy baby skincare products online? Select products perfect for your baby and get them delivered to your doorstep within the least possible days. Visit our website now!