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Nurse your Newborn Comfortably With Good Quality Feeding Pillows

When you nurse your newborn, you frequently feel backache while holding them in a proper position. It is more challenging to keep the baby in a tilted position without slouching. However, this may increase the chance of getting back pain. To avoid such conditions, you can look for feeding pillows that will allow you to feed your baby while holding them firmly. The baby pillows help you to stay relaxed while breastfeeding your baby. Since the posture remains relaxed, the flow also increases. 

Why get a feeding Pillow? 

If your child is at a nursing stage, feeding the baby can harm your shoulder and back. It is tough to keep on holding a 7-8 pound child at a single position so that they can get access to the nipples. This may lead you to hunch your back, and this wrong posture may eventually lead you to have spinal issues and develop chronic back pain. 

The baby feeding pillows are designed to sit on the mama’s waist and hold the baby firmly at a particular position. Thus, helping the mama to take care of the baby without suffering from body aches. It is also secured to use these feeding pillows as the baby also gets support to easily reach your bosom. You can also place these pillows on their lap while breastfeeding the newborn. 

Features That The Baby Pillows must have:

The feeding pillows are generally multipurpose. They can give you back support when you are pregnant. You can also lie on them while sleeping with your baby bump. 

Apart from that, you can also give that to your toddler, who is just learning to walk or sit. They can use it for extra support or comfortably lean on them. 

The feeding pillows come in different shapes and sizes. You need to make sure that they are soft to touch and are safe for babies. 

At the same time, the size of the pillows should be big enough to fit the baby comfortably. They should have lightweight to latch on the mother’s waist. It is always better if the cover is made of any type of soft cloth, including, cotton as that will be gentle on the delicate skin of your baby. 

You are probably wondering where to find feeding pillows that will have all those qualities? Then you must visit the website of Mama and Peaches. We have a lovely collection of feeding pillows for your baby. The baby feeding pillows are made for holding the baby in place while it sits perfectly on your waist. They are made of high-quality material, which is safe and comfortable for the baby. They are wide enough for your baby to comfortably lie on them. 

Have a Look at our Collection:

Mama and Peaches have feeding pillows that are perfectly cozy for both the baby and the mama. 

The little bean can feel absolutely safe and happy while snuggling on the pillows. They are perfectly shaped to prevent the bottle from slipping out of their mouth.  

They also come with a small pillow on top, which gives extra support to the tender neck of the baby and requires no adjustability while providing utmost comfort. 

Mama and Peaches feeding pillows are made of soft material and have cute prints on them. You can get the animal print baby feeding pillow which requires zero adjustments and holds the baby perfectly to your stomach. You can also select the tie and dye blue butterfly feeding pillow. It has different elevation adjustments for extra support and total comfort. To buy baby feeding pillows, you can order online from our Mama and Peaches website and get your purchase delivered to your doorstep within a few days. Don’t miss out on the best feeding pillows. Go and have a look Now!