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Mama and Peaches—mother’s first choice for their newborn baby gifts

One of the hardest pursuits can be addressed to a mother in this bitter, sweet world. A unique blend of love, care, and affection is necessary for the newborn baby to blossom with joy and cheerfulness. It’s really troublesome to choose newborn baby gifts in the present situation. So, Mama and Peaches have come with a variety of newborn baby gifts into the web territory.

Right from the day our mothers have started expecting till the early childhood days of the child, Mama and Peaches have sorted a wide range of gift ideas for our tech-savvy mothers as well as newborn babies. We have tried to outline various ideas to buy newborn baby gifts online in a pleasant manner. 

Maternity Dungarees for Mamma

Maternity dungarees in soft, stretchable cotton fabric with wide pockets are feasible for pregnant mothers. Rosewater plays a freshening role for the mothers, mainly extracted from the Kannauj Roses in North India. Sometimes pregnant mothers suffer from swollen feet, for which shea butter, almond, argan, and olive oil-infused natural foot cream can deeply nourish and relieve the ankle bone. 

Eye pillow is also made available from the softest woven modal fabric. It helps to provide comfort to her taxing eyes. Our customers can order it as a hamper for the baby shower gift to the mothers.

Hampers for your Moonpie 

Baby hampers for the little children are there, for newborn baby gift sets for boys at hand on our platform. Here you will get a sleepsuit, cuffs, a hat made up of 100% cotton. You can send it as a gift for your loved ones on their birthdays or as a welcome kit. 

Organic muslin gift hampers are there for kids, which contain all the essentials like- pillow, washcloth, towel, bibs, swaddles for daily chores. The colors are soothing pastel shades that will refresh and soothe the minds of the babies. 

Summer dresses are also there on the platform for the children. The color combinations are finely curated for them, which will soothe the minds of the children. 

Preserve your Memories in the Journals

Reading and writing are pretty indispensable. Keeping it in mind, our brand has brought a wide range of customized journals for our valuable mothers. It is a pretty good newborn baby gift online. They always feel the need to share unknown personal thoughts, memories with their newborn babies. 

Mama and Peaches have come with a range of 10 sets of ‘Letters to my child’ with envelopes that will be in their memory box ever after. It will act as a bridge of communication between the mother with her child. My baby bump book or my big book of firsts accommodate every mother’s experience, which she will never experience in her life again. A personalized storybook is one of the best gift ideas for newborn baby boys, which will provide rhyming tales to the child for fun and wisdom. 

Stop Time with Wall Frames and Photo Books

Don’t you want to hold the time? Yes, of course! Mama and Peaches have assorted wall frames and photo books. They hold back your memories in a nicely curated manner. We also provide journals where you can keep the photos and records of your child from the very first month to the years of early childhood in this beautiful world. 

Doodling books are also provided for the little ones where you can keep the creative side of your little ones. It will help to develop an emotional bonding with the parents. The child will also learn to respect the feelings, which are equally important in other`s life.

Know your Child’s Wish

Our procreator always tries to give the best future for their little ones. So, Mama and Peaches have curated a personalized book on What I wish to be! They will click the pictures and stick them in the book. Suppose our Rishi`s mother wants her son to be a doctor, whereas his father wants her son to be a pilot. Mama and Peaches have come with a range of eighteen respectable professions like- teacher singers, etc., for our little ones. 

Some other Exciting Gifts

Various sizes of storage jute boxes are available to store the day-to-day use things in the rooms. It will help them to maintain hygiene in an organized way. They can be customized with your child’s name in our webshop.

To make your child acquainted with the financial terms from a very tender age, we have brought piggy banks for the little children. 

We have also made available personalized silver bangles for our fashionista babies. You just have to put the name of the baby and put an order here. We will bring it to your doorstep within 6 to 7 days. 

Daddy doesn’t feel sad. We have thought about you. Yes, you are the superhero. To keep your life experiences, we have come with personal journals where you will happily pen down the emotional and joyous journey with your own words and photos. It will be the best newborn gift idea in today’s times.