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Comfortable and Relaxing Maternity Bottom Wear for Kids & New Mamas

Maternity clothing is put on by women as a transformation to body size during the pregnancy period. The origin of maternity clothes can be traced back to the Middle Ages when women became choosier about their comfort and style.

When you decide to buy baby leggings, check the quality of the material. Babies must be given something comfortable.

Mama & Peaches is a reputable online store for purchasing women’s maternity bottom-wear online in India. From daily use kids bottom to tummy compression leggings for mummies, pre-maternity leggings, slim fit denim, joggers, stretchable leggings, our collection has got all the lovely bottom wear for new mamas at a budgeted price. 

Maintaining physical distancing rules during the pandemic, you can place online orders sitting at the comfort of your home and get relaxing kid’s pajamas. The beautiful collection of Mama & Peaches has something for each one of you. We leave no stone unturned to meet your requirements and create a fun shopping experience for you. 

Maternity jeans are personalized for mommies-to-be who need to wear something comfortable to take care of their body.

Maternity dresses must have enough breathability and loose-fitting. Maternity dresses are beneficial even after 9 crucial months.

Mama & Peaches is a family-owned company that works for the comfort of new mommies and their kids. We use the best material, handpick the cutest prints, and bring good-sized baby pants online.

Mama & Peaches try to boost their bonding with the tiny tots. We aim to make your relations all the more precious. The maternity bottom-wear is extremely helpful for mamas-to-be.

We know, at times, you become confused regarding the selection. We understand your worries about the child’s comfort. The assistants of Mama & Peaches are always there to help you get the best quality maternity bottom-wear suitable for you. For more queries, you can consult us via live chat and make a customized shopping experience. 

Best Quality Within Your Pocket Pinch!

We have a good quality of tailored maternity trousers. For new shoppers, we offer a special discount. Getting things for your baby should not be exhausting. We are passionate about curation and do all the necessary homework for your purchase. 

Our beautiful collection of maternity pants are designed to help new mommies move freely. We have lovely designs, and mamas find it absolutely fun to wear them.

A Quick Check on Our Return & Exchange Policy

Mama & Peaches is a dedicated company that works to get you the best products. We follow a strict no return policy for tailored products to avoid tampering.

Cancellation for orders is approved within 24 hours of placing them online if they are not sent for shipment. We maintain a secured payment option and pay back your wallet after receiving your request. 

At Mama & Peaches, a wide variety of maternity bottom-wears are available. We manage the issue of any lost order. However, if you get a damaged order, make sure to inform us within 48 hours of obtaining it. We will commence the replacement process after approving your petition for the same. The amount will be sent to your wallet or the original payment method. To know more, you can mail us at [email protected].

We Provide Refund Within 48 Hours

We demand 48 hours from you to send back the amount to your bank account or card after accepting your request for a refund. However, we credit wallet refunds in less time.

Mama and Peaches are happy to be a part of your childrearing journey and take care of your needs when you are busy meeting other requirements for your little munchkins.