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Self-care for new moms in the vicinity of Mama and Peaches:

Self-care is a generic term. It indicates pampering of ourselves ownself for the wellbeing of our mental, physical and emotional health. In general, your friends have discussed with you the self-care activities practiced at home to rejuvenate themselves for inner good. You may feel quite apprehensive after listening to them and considering them the luckiest people in the world as they don’t have babies. So, we are not overlooking the situation. Therefore, we are trying to unwind some self-care ideas between your babies and you. Something that you can enjoy in a hectic schedule.

  1. Rosewater: The versatile pure Rosewater helps strengthen and regenerate your skin cell. It also removes the dirt from your face after a long tiring day at night. Your hair has become frizzier after pregnancy. This rose water is on rescue. You can mix an equal amount of rose water with glycerin and apply it with cotton pads on your scalp. After massaging, leave the mixture on your scalp for thirty minutes. The shampooing will be done subsequently, and you will probably get a softer texture of your hair. The rose water will act as an aid to cut out the feelings of anxiety and promote the emotional prosperity of oneself.
  2. Extra virgin coconut oil: You can bestow extra virgin coconut oil in your self-care activities. The health and wellness community usually recommends cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil for soft, glowing skin and lustrous hair. This oil is customarily made up from hand pickets coconuts from organic farms. Now you have to devote yourself to the care and love of your baby. This oil, in fact, will moisturize your hair and protects from graying, spilled ends.
  3. Lactation tea: Right amount of milk has to be produced by the mothers during breastfeeding. Sometimes it becomes quite stressful for them to bring out the adequacy of milk as and when required. Lactation tea is one of such products which can assist you in the production of milk. It performs the role of supplementary product in your diet regularly. Herbs like fenugreek seeds, fennel, moringa, etc., are used as ingredients in the preparation of lactation tea. In recent times it has gained immense popularity in the routine of self-care for new moms.
  4. Oil Massage: You can include massage in your self-care activities to refresh yourself physically and mentally. The stress level generally gets high at this juncture of time. Therefore, a soothing oil massage of oils like Dhanwantaram Thailam Pre and Postnatal increases your skin elasticity and boosts immunity.
  5. Natural body butter: This natural organic cream keeps your skin moisturized and maintains the oil balance of your skin during the pre and post-pregnancy periods. It creates the defense barrier of your skin with essential nourishment. Vitamin A and E infused body butter helps to reduce the stretch marks in your skin.
  6. Choose a healthy snack: If you eat healthily, you will gain strength and concentrate on baby care. Healthy cookies made up with almonds, millets, and walnut will help to improve your all-over health. At the last moment, you will not strive through hunger. The use of jaggery has made it a yummier one.

Love Yourself, To Love Your Baby More!

At Mama and Peaches, you will be getting various products like breast pads, tampons, etc., for self-care newborn mothers. There’s no harm if you think of self-care ideas while nurturing your babies and other members of your family. It is a necessity for yourself because a happy mother only can ensure a smiling and jolly kid.