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Buy Baby Nursery Decor Online from Mama and Peaches and welcome your baby to an adorable world! 

You would never want your baby to start his journey with a dull room. Indeed, the infant will never notice neither, will even remember when they grow up, but it matters to us as mommies. We mommies want everything to be memorable and beautiful for our precious ones, right from the beginning. Baby nursery décor is such a subject we cannot afford to avoid. 

So, again, Mama and peaches are on the rescue with cute baby nursery decor online items that will not only adorn the nursery but create happy moments for you as well. Some of these charming products from Mama and Peaches are –

  • Personalized wall hangings 

How adorable would it be to have your baby’s name hanging from the wall with all desirable characters! Complete hand-made, personalized, and lovable themed wall hangings are just the best categories of baby nursery décor items in demand at Mama and peaches. The best part is you can hang them anywhere according to your requirements. Hang them above the crib or on the door. They look super cute everywhere. Some of the products are – 

  • Personalized wild jungle animal wall hanging,
  • Personalized mermaid wall hanging,
  • Personalized elephant and owl wall hanging, and others. 
  • Personalized buntings/ garlands 

This one is a lovely adornment for your baby’s cot or crib. These themed personalized name banners are made from felt fabric and are just one of the best baby nursery décor ideas when you have small spaces. They are entirely safe for your baby and great to add an interesting angle to the nursery room. Some of these products are –

  • Personalized space name bunting/ garland,
  • Personalized fairy princess name bunting,
  • Personalized animal name bunting, and others.
  • Cot mobiles 

Can you call that a nursery room essential? Yes, of course, we can! This product always is at the top priority list when it comes to baby nursery décor accessories. You need something interesting to keep your child engaged with and something that the nursery will brighten up with. So, here is a range of cot mobiles that are hand-made and are super safe for your baby. This product can be customized with a mobile hanging, an arm attachment, or an additional music box. Some of our products of this category are –

  • Rainbow cot mobile,
  • Unicorn cot mobile, 
  • Solar system baby cot mobile, and others.
  • Height chart stickers 

Of course, there is no escaping to height chart stickers. These adorable themed height charts can be pasted on anywhere in the room and on any surface. From walls to wooden doors, it sticks perfectly on all surfaces. As your kid grows taller, these charming measuring stickers are pretty functional and are great nursery decorative items as well. Some of these products from our online store are – 

  • Hot air balloon height chart sticker,
  • Princess height chart sticker,
  • Little pirates’ height chart sticker, and others.
  • Wall frames 

Another great way to decorate your child’s room. Frame your baby’s name or interesting facts and figures related to him on a decorative and fun-themed frame and adorn your child’s room with it. It is one décor piece worth retaining for the rest of his life to treasure. Some of these baby nursery decors online from our store are – 

  • Wall frame all about me
  • Wall frame rocket name
  • Wall frame this is me, and others

Baby nursery decor India has gone through cute changes in recent years, with enchanting cute decorative items capturing the market. Buy nursery items & accessories online from our online store of Mama and peaches to get the pick of the bunch.