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Buy Books on Toys from Mama and Peaches online store for your little munchkin to toy on

Books And Toys are a fundamental part of every kid’s growing up. How can we forget our own when toys and toy storybooks made our entire childhood? And there were some which always made to your favorite list. No matter how old, dirty, or tattered they would turn into, we made sure not to part with them until a certain age. 

Don’t books and toys make life easier for parents as well? Of course, they do! They keep the kids accompanied and busy, sparing the parents. So, let us make your kid’s growing up special, too, with some loveable memories from Mama and Peaches’ online shopping store for toys and toy books. Here are some of them – 

  1.     Book of firsts

A keepsake record book for parents that help you to maintain every growth record of your baby. It has 50 pages to record everything you want to during the 1 to 12 months of your baby’s first year of life and all the firsts that are so special for any parent. These hardcover paper toy books are intended to put down the unique moments from your darling’s life. You can buy them from our online store for someone to gift as well. 

  1.     Cotton knitted plush toys.

These cuddly toys make a special place in every kid’s life. They just love to imagine the stuffed toys as their closed ones and treat them as their playmate. Buy these super soft cuddles from Mama and Peaches online books and toys store to get the best quality toys for your little kiddo. These plush toys are made from 100% premium combed cotton shells with polyester filling. They have a super soft hand feel and are free from toxins or other harmful substances, making them absolutely safe for your kids.

  1.     Book of birthdays

From your munchkin’s day of birth, till your baby is twelve years old, this book will help you to keep a record of all the birthdays in between. It is a cute record-keeping book that will remain with you as a lovely memory for as long as you want, and then you can always give them over to your grown-up child to show your love. Made of hardcover paper, each page of this birthday memory book will give you space to keep the records interestingly. You can also present them to some other dear new parents as a welcome gift to the world of parenting. 

  1.     Animal lacing toys

This is another charming one of the lots and offers creative play as well. Recommended for 2 years and above, this set of lacing toys helps in improving the kids’ motor skills with better hand-eye coordination. However, patience is the most essential lesson it teaches. These simple classic toys are made with all-natural fabric and thus are completely safe for the child. It is a fun way to keep your kids engaged with each toy having four different cotton laces making several possibilities like sewing, lacing, or pattern creation as a playing idea. 

  1.     Twice upon a time

This is an extraordinary item from Mama and Peaches for your exceptional duo. This splendid baby journal book offers record-keeping for twins in one single book. It is meant to pen down all those memories and milestones that your twins have gifted you with. Also, the best gift for new parents with twin kids. 

Mama and Peaches offer an online shopping store for toys and books that are one of a kind. They are designed to give the finest of kids’ books and toys to your sweetheart.