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Go for the Best Active Toys for Toddlers from Mama and Peaches to keep your kids active.

If you are looking for something to keep your kids busy and active, active toys online from our Mama and Peaches store is what you need. The active toys are great for the early development of your kid when communicating is not a fruitful option. Kids understand better with toys. Give them the toy, and they will automatically develop skills with it. 

Thus, choosing the apt fitness & healthy toys for kids becomes a mandatory job for the parents. After all, the correct product helps in the kid’s overall development. Rest this job on Mama and Peaches for the best toys for active kids and observe how fun can be paired up with activities for the healthy development of your precious little ones. Here are some of our toys to give you a brief idea –

  1.     Sensory snail – 

When kids are adapting to the new environment, their senses try to adjust to the surroundings. Sensory snail is a great toy that helps to stimulate touch senses for your baby. Recommended for babies of 4 months and above, they assist the kid through the early learning and development stage. Children at this age try to identify anything with their touch. Giving them some active toys will help them distinguish between surfaces of different textures and colors. Thus, helping them in the long run. This mat consists of 6 types of texture surfaces measuring 5*5 inches each, rolling back to a snuggly snail when playtime is over. 

  1.     Mini bowling pins set – 

We all want that physical activity games for our kids to keep them fit and healthy. One of the best fitness and healthy toys for kids, this mini bowling pins set consists of 6 wooden bowling pins and 1 wooden ball for the shot. They are made from wood. Hence, it is an organic and toxin-free gaming set. This classic gaming set will not only keep your kid busy but also develop fine motor and gross motor skills while having fun at play. Just stack them up and let your kid roll the ball and knock the pins down. And you know the best part? When you are unable to take them outside, they can be used to play indoors. Moreover, they also help in maintaining physical activity. Recommended for all ages whenever your child is ready to take the game. 

  1.     Activity triangle – 

Want to teach the kids alphabets, numbers, patterns, and more without constantly bugging them? Then this activity triangle gaming set is just the right choice of best active toys for toddlers. This set offers fun learning with the developed problem-solving mind, fine motor skills, enhance curiosity, and has a way through self-expression. This is a five-sided wooden triangle with one side having letters and pictures, a brightly colored abacus on another, another side hosting a clock with wooden hands, and the fourth side having some simple movable gears for your kids to play with. 

  1.     Rainbow stacker – 

We all love to see when our kids can successfully arrange the stacker in the correct order. This large-sized rainbow stacker is one of a kind among active toys. It helps to develop the fine motor skills of your kid. Better hand-eye coordination is catered to the young kid while playing this game. This set is eco-friendly, non-toxic, and designed, especially to have a safe play. It assists immensely in developing skills that are otherwise not possible with the absence of such activity toys. 

Best active toys for toddlers are found at our online store of Mama and Peaches, where you can get a wide range of active toys to explore and choose the best-suited ones for your kids’ needs.