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There are so many ways to show how I’m feeling… Acting, drawing or talking!!! It’s all a game about expressing and guessing! Game includes 8 different emotions.Time to express your Emotional Quotient!Get ready to seek feeling cards by making a face, acting it out, drawing or telling hilarious, embarassing or teary eyed stories. Can other players guess what feeling card you are searching for?A fun game for children, families, classrooms or impromptu parties, and grown-up get-togethers. Use it as an ice-breaker or for building connection. Designed for 2 to 8 players.Ever have problems expressing what you are feeling? Or do you feel others didn’t get what you’re feeling? Seek Four develops your skills to express your feelings in number of ways both verbal and non-verbal. Develops emotion expression & recognition, listening skills, memory for what you hear and social skills.


Product Details :How to PlayGame 1:
Wear your scarves & seek 4 cards of the same colour with the roll of the die. Act, draw, express or tell stories and make other guess the card you are looking for. The first to make a set of 4 cards wins.

Game 2:
Swap cards till you get 4 of a kind. Act it out so that others guess what emotion you have.

Game 3:
Be a storyteller and listen carefully. All you need to do is remember stories for each emotion card and win.

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