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Choose from a range of awesome products to build your ultimate box.Save and Discover- We know how full your hands are already 🙂



Select and save more on quarterly and half yearly subscriptions or simply choose the single box plan @1999/- only



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What is the price of the box?

Monthly boxes retail at 1999/- per month, quarterly and half yearly plans are also available.Subject to your choices you can save upto 70% on your box.

Do I have to pay for the products I choose?

No, you pay for the  plan you choose. The products included in customization are for choice and have no additional effect to your final billing amount . The Monthly boxes retail at 1999/ and the 3 and 6 month plans are upfront payment options with additional benefits and savings on the same box.

Will I have to pay for the box every month?

Only if you wish to. To make it easier and hassle-free, you can opt for 3-months and 6-months subscription plan wherein you will have to pay once upfront and enjoy first access to the boxes every month until the plan expires.

Can I customize my box?How many products can I choose?

Say YAY! You can now customize your very own Mama and Peaches box. Pick your category and proceed to customization and be spoilt for choice  Voila you’re  done! Each month you can choose atleast 5 or more products and pick a surprise/mystery product as well- after all whats a box without a surprise:)

What do you mean by Monthly Boxes? Do you release new collections/products every month?

Every month we launch a new box with a new theme and an absolutely fresh collection of products for you to choose from. Access unique & amazing collection each time you visit us. New box is launched on the 25th of every month and subscribers get first access to customization.

What all can I expect in terms of products to chose from for my box?

Our team of experts pick different (20-30) popular products each month for all the mamas and the peaches to make their life easier and happier. Fill us up with the details about yourself and your peach and you will be shown options based on your pregnancy stage/babies age. Tailored to a monthly theme and pregnancy stage/babies age, the product mix includes utilities, essentials, unique items ,keepsakes and pampering products that help you in your journey

Can I gift a box/subscription to anyone?

Absolutely! You can gift a box or an entire plan to anyone you wish. Our most gifted plan is the 3 month subscription. You can choose to select the products yourself or leave it to us – its going to be awesome anyway. Do not forget to leave a gift message in your order notes at checkout. We handcraft our notes for the added charm. Don’t have the time or patience? Check out our pre- curated boxes for gifting (

Do you offer returns/exchanges? What if I receive a damaged/broken product?

No, we do not accept any returns or exchange requests for the monthly boxes or add-ons sale shop unless specified otherwise(in case of size changes etc). Though none of the mama has ever received a damaged or broken product so far, if due to any reasons you receive one, get in touch with us with images at or 9953502522. We are always there to help.

What if I do not like this months collection?

It’s all good – we understand that you might have some things already or might not like few of the options. You can always email us at and skip or pause your subscription for that particular month. We are happy to help.

Can I cancel my subscription? Am I eligible for a refund if I cancel my subscription mid-term?

Yes, you can. You can get in touch with us at …. to cancel your subscription at least 10 business days in advance in order to not receive the recurring box.

And, yes, you are eligible to a refund but in such a case you will be charged the entire amount based on the number of boxes you have received. For example- you take a 3 month plan and after your first box you decide to cancel, we will charge you with INR 1999 (original price) and the balance will be refunded. Please note that any discounts availed at the time of order will not be adjusted in refunds.

Why am I asked to provide personal information like due date or baby’s birthday and name et cetera?

The monthly collections may include customized(where name initials/letters are required) products wherein such information is a must. Based on the information you provide we strive to show you the best possible combinations of products that help you wherever you are in your journey of Mamahood.Expect special discounts,surprises and freebies around your due date or peaches birthday.

I am due anytime- which box should I select?

We showcase the important baby products in the mama- to – be category that you might need immediately after delivery.If you are looking for more baby products you should select the Mama & Baby category.


If you have any questions at all, feel free to Whatsapp us.Ask for Nancy.
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