Six essential questions to ask during your first prenatal visit

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Pregnancy is the best time of your life. But, let us not forget the zillion questions that go through your mind when you actually confirm that you are going to be bringing your little bundle of joy into the world. Before you start doing your own research, it is a great idea to have all your questions answered during your first prenatal visit. This will happen when you are about 8-10 weeks pregnant.

Here are six questions that you should ask when you make your first prenatal visit:

  • How much weight gain is advised?

It is natural for you to gain some weight to support the nutritional requirements of your baby. This weight gain is determined by your weight pre-pregnancy. Generally, healthy weight gain during pregnancy is about 25 to 30 pounds. However, it is best to get this clarified during your first prenatal visit. Your healthcare provider will calculate your current BMI and will advise you based on that. For instance, if you are underweight, you may have to gain almost 40 pounds and if you are overweight, you may have to gain only 10-20 pounds. You can gift a mom to be great goodies to gain weight the healthy way. From Raw Pressery Detox Juices to Peanut Butter from The Butternut Co., Mama and Peaches brings to your some of the healthiest gifting options


  • Is it alright for me to exercise?

While most people will tell you that it is a good idea to work out when you are pregnant, you have to remember one thing. Safety first. If you are having a healthy pregnancy, working out may not be an issue. But if there are any concerns, it is recommended that you work alongside your doctor to prepare your body for a good workout. Once you figure out a safe and healthy fitness routine for yourself, make sure you gift yourself a traditional copper mug from the Mama and Peaches gift shop to stay hydrated and load your body with essential minerals.


I currently have some health issues. How will it affect my pregnancy?

This is an extremely important question to ask your doctor. If you have conditions like hypertension, diabetes or any heart related conditions, especially, make sure you inform your doctor about these issues. Even any mental health concerns such as depression or anxiety must be discussed with your doctor. If you have had any surgeries, reactions to allergies or anesthesia, make sure your doctor is informed about them. The best way to do this is to carry your medical history in a file so that your healthcare practitioner can help you manage them effectively without affecting your pregnancy.


Can I continue taking my medication?

When you go for your first prenatal visit, make a list of any medication that you may be consuming. This includes even any supplement that you may be including as part of your daily routine. The contents of some medication and supplements can affect the baby and may even cause birth defects and genetic disorders in extreme cases. Once  your medication has been reviewed completely, your doctor will be able to change the dosage or give you an alternative that is safe for you and your little one.

Are prenatal vitamins necessary?

Prenatal vitamins are recommended from the time you actually start planning a family. These vitamins will help prepare your body for pregnancy and can give your baby all the nutritional support that is needed to develop well. If you haven’t been using any such supplements, you can ask your doctor for options. They will be able to provide you with a list of prenatal vitamins that are safe for you to consume once you have conceived.


What tests and scans must I get during my pregnancy?

Monitoring your fetus is a must. This is done with the help of a series of scans and tests. These tests depend on various factors such as the trimester that you are in or any medical condition that you may have that could affect the baby. Genetic screening is very important based on your family history as well. Ask your doctor for a list and the timeline for each test or scan.


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