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Showing 1–28 of 180 results

When you put your baby to sleep, you want to make sure that he or she is comfortable. No more night sweats and uncomfortable fabric making your baby squirm around in his or her sleep. Mama and Peaches has put together the best collection of sleepwear for babies that are light and very comfy. If you are here looking for personalized baby gifts in India, this collection will not disappoint you.

We have cute sleeping sacks and pajama sets that your baby can even lounge around in comfortably. They are made from breathable fabric so that your baby can have a good night’s sleep. Of course, we have kept the parents in our minds all along as we put this collection together. These garments are very easy to clean and are unbelievably cute.

Pick your favorite sleepwear set for the perfect personalized baby gifts India. Watch your little ones snooze in peace, looking like a superstar



Mama and Peaches is one of the top online shopping platforms in India offering the best deals on moms’ and kids’ necessities. We have been into the market for quite some years now and know the requirements of the mothers and babies well. From clothing to wellness products, we have a wide range of all. To shop for the best baby clothes, including baby sleepwear sets, we can be the right choice. 

Shopping for little ones is one of the exciting responsibilities for parents but it can be challenging too at the same time. Why we are saying it a challenging task is because babies have delicate skin that can get irritated very quickly so finding the right type of clothing is not that easy. But when shopping at Mama and Peaches, this complex task becomes easier owing to the maintenance of quality in each piece of apparel. 

Apart from casual and party wear dresses, we offer baby sleepwear sets products at our store. You can explore amazing designs of sleepwear for new born babies and toddlers. All our baby Sleepwear sets are made to ensure high-degree comfort while sleeping. At night, the body temperature of babies changes very fast due to which you need to make them wear ideal clothes that maintain their ideal body temperature. Furthermore, the nightclothes should be comfortable enough to allow free movement of the body while sleeping. 


Mama and Peaches has a variety of baby sleepwear sets products. We have the following in our collection:

  • Bodysuit
  • Night suit
  • Shorts Set
  • Sleepsuit
  • Pyjama Set
  • Swaddle


We know that bed is your baby’s zen zone where his/her looks don’t matter but it’s highly crucial to make them feel good so they can enjoy their sleep time. When it comes to buying baby sleepwear sets in India, Mama and Peaches is king. Donning on sleepwear from our brand has benefits that go beyond just getting a restful and good night’s sleep. Below are the benefits of our baby sleepwear sets. 


All our baby sleepwear sets are designed from cotton fabric, which is an appropriate choice for all seasons. It’s doesn’t matter whether your room gets too hot or too cold, these nightwear dresses for kids will keep your baby’s body temperature at the right level throughout the night. Cotton fabric is breathable that ensures moisture absorption and better ventilation. 


Our sleepwear products are absolutely hygienic owing to their quick moisture-wicking qualities. When a fabric is able to wick moisture (water or sweat) then it ensures hygiene. This also prevents the growth of bacteria that usually grow due to wetness. This fabric won’t irritate their skin, which makes it ideal for sensitive skin of little ones. Your baby will sleep comfortably throughout the night as there will be no skin itching and irritation. 


Unlike other fabrics, cotton material is easy to take care of. You can machine wash all these baby sleepwear sets in cold water. Additionally, there is no requirement to add fabric softener as cotton is durable and soft. If you wish you can warm iron all of them but it’s not necessary. 


You will get branded baby sleepwear sets products at Mama and Peaches. Therefore, there isn’t any compromise made on the quality. Some of the brands that work with us include Little West, Chirpy Bazaar, Piccolo Piglet, etc. 

Before the best baby sleepwear sets get out of stock, go and check our collection!