Stretch Marks and Why You Should be Proud of em

Stretch marks after delivering your baby are completely natural. Yet, they don’t conform to the beauty standards that we have for ourselves in our mind. Most women feel embarrassed or uncomfortable about showing these stretch marks. But, if you really think about it, your stretch marks are the most beautiful thing that you should be super proud of. 

They are a sign of your resilience

Stretch marks are a reminder of the amazing things that your body is capable of doing. You have just created a new life and the stretch marks show how your body changed so beautifully to allow this to happen. These marks show the world that you are strong, resilient and capable of transformation. Even if the stretch marks are just the result of losing weight, it shows that you are someone who is willing to push herself to be better. 

These marks make you more mature 

Stretch marks show you that nothing is permanent. Eventually, most women accept these changes with their body and get comfortable in their own skin. This requires a great deal of maturity. You learn to accept yourself for who you are. In the beginning,  these marks can really cause a lot of pain to women emotionally. You may no longer feel comfortable wearing your favorite outfit. But, once you learn to let go of this, it is truly liberating and makes you capable of handling new changes that occur in your life. Of course, motherhood brings with it a great deal of maturity that you will carry with you for the rest of your life.

You automatically become part of a sisterhood 

There is something about stretch marks that connects mommies all over the world. Be it your struggle with accepting them, finding remedies like Organic Stretch Marks Oil  or the GAIA Belly Butter to lighten them or just helping other moms accept these marks and be happy with them, it is like a community that is helping women stand together with each other. It is really one of the most relatable subjects that tend to connect mothers and women from every corner of the world. Now, who wouldn’t be proud to be part of such a beautiful sisterhood. 

They make your partner appreciate you more 

One of the most important reasons for women to detest their stretch marks is the fact that they feel less attractive. They no longer have the smooth and supple skin that they think that their man loves. But, the truth is that stretch marks make you a lot more special to your partner. After all, these marks are the result of the two of you entering parenthood together. If that is not attractive, then we certainly don’t know what is. 

So, remember to look at your stretch marks with pride. They are not really marks but stripes that you have earned for being the tigress that you are. Just remember to take care of your skin with some amazing stretch marks care products available at Mama and Peaches. Whether during pregnancy or after you have had your baby try products like The Mom’s Co Natural Stretch Oil or the  Bottega Di Lungavita Body Fluid with Colloidal Palladium to feel better without really worrying about your stretch marks.