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The Baby Birth Planner

By January 29, 2019Blog
The baby Birth planner

Are you wondering when will your little one come along? What will be your peach’s star sign, what will be the weather at that time? Well there is no need to wreck your mind over it. For, we have gone ahead and created this extremely simple and super-useful baby birth planner for you.

Perfect for all those Mamas who love to plan things in life and great for the spontaneous mommies to be who are eagerly waiting for their peaches.

Easy-to-understand, this due date calculator helps you estimate the approximate time of the year when your baby will be born. All it requires is your month of conception. Based on the conception month we have calculated the month of delivery so you can plan and prepare in time for your little one.

A must-have for young parents-to-be it helps you get oriented and prepare accordingly. Just like everything else that Mama and Peaches has on offer for you, this baby birth planner is a wonderful tool to refer to before conception or once your pregnancy is confirmed.

Take a look

Month of Conception Expected Month of Delivery
January October
February November
March December
April January
May February
June March
July April
August May
September June
October July
November August
December September

At Mama and Peaches, we always try to bring you the best from around the globe to make your pregnancy easy, comfortable, and full of delightful surprises. So go ahead and sign up with us to choose from an array of mommy friendly products and subscription boxes.


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